GF 005 - Ginger Souls


Welcome to Gun Funny, Episode 005. Today we’re going to chat with Jake from Huntac Gear, make a prank call about bear hunting, talk about the Never Enough Tactical subscription box, and see how Lacey’s first day of training went.

This show brought to you by Hun-Tac Gear

They make hunting gear, like chest rigs, AR parts such as the V1 series AR parts. They sell top quality AR15 and AR10 parts. Give them a look, their products are awesome!

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  • Never Enough Tactical


    • Monthly subscription or one time purchase

    • Basic Supply Drop Box - $56.45 includes 5-10 items (over $80 value)

    • Advanced Supply Drop - $108.95 includes everything in basic box, plus extras (over $160 value)

    • Elite Supply Drop - $199.95 combines both boxes from ^ (over $300 value)