Gun and Gear Review Podcast Episode 274, "The Black Sheep"


 Welcome to the Firearms Insider Gun & Gear Review Podcast, episode 274, the Black sheep. On this show we showcase gun reviews, gear and anything else a gun enthusiast may be looking for. We strive to evaluate products from an unbiased and honest perspective. I’m your host Chad Wallace from the Firearms Radio Network, your source for all things firearms related. In this show we will be discussing the TAC-9, Timber Creeks butplate stock, and Grey Ghost’s AR build combo.

Tonight on the podcast we have

Ryan from GreyGhost, Tony, Zane, Rob, and Sean

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The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the individual co-hosts and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Firearms Radio Network and/or their employers. Viewer discretion is advised. This is especially true on live shows.

Main Topic: Product Review or Updates on previous reviews

Update on Holosun 507

Product Spotlight and Discussion:

Sol Invictus Arms TAC-9

MSRP - $705, 824 w/brace

Timber Creek MS REP stock

MSRP - $69.99

Grey Ghost Precision MKII Billet AR-15 set

MSRP - $399

Coupon code “INDY” for 15% off

Listener Feedback


 Great show, especially when someone does something that week with guns. This show is a staple in weekly podcast routine. I have a question for Tony. I have a Glenfield Model 60 I am replacing the broken stock on. I have purchased an HT60 Tactical Marlin Stock for it. The stock comes as a kit. When I assemble this can I use the telescoping stock or must I fix the position? Likewise, Can I assemble the adjustable pistol grip or must I leave it off? The rifle has a fixed 18 round magazine which is legal in NJ and as I understand it exempts it from being restricted. Love the product reviews keep up the great work.


 Hey guys love the show. I was wanted to offer some feedback, a suggestion, and a question.

 After discussing a product or a review, before moving on to the next topic could you possibly mention the name of the product again? Mentioning it up front is helpful, but until you discuss it I may not know if it interests me. Of course if it does, by then I forget which product you were discussing.

 Also I would love it if you would consider discussing some of the firearms especially pistols that show up in deals posted on reddit's gundeals or since the last show. I am always looking to hear good unbiased discussions about what is showing up in the deals section and what pistols to keep my eye out for if a deal shows up again.

 Finally, what pistol would you start off with for a newer shooter just looking to shoot some 9mm at the range? I rented just about everything at the range multiple times, but came away less sure then when I went in. I have bought the safe, the range membership, and 1000 rounds of 9mm, but still can't decide on what pistol to start with for now. I keep finding myself drawn to the cheaper guns like the Grand Power K100 or the Bersa TPR9, but I wonder if for my first gun I am better off just picking up the VP9 or 92A1/M9A1 for $500 to start.

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Wrap up:

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