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 Welcome to the Firearms Insider Gun & Gear Review Podcast, episode 275. On this show we showcase gun reviews, gear and anything else a gun enthusiast may be looking for. We strive to evaluate products from an unbiased and honest perspective. I’m your host Chad Wallace from the Firearms Radio Network, your source for all things firearms related. In this show we will be discussing another new pistol nobody asked for, an “I need to see the eye Docter” red dot, and an ambi mag release.

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Tony, Zane

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Main Topic: Product Review or Updates on previous reviews

Product Spotlight and Discussion:

Noblex-Docter Glock MOS red dot - TFB article

MSRP -$513

Naroh Arms N1

MSRP - $399

Strike Industries Ambi Mag release

MSRP - $37.95-39.95

Listener Feedback

Hunting Tactical

I heard the show last week with the question about putting our HT60 on a model 60 in NJ. I wanted to email you asking if you would follow up on that question for us. I know you do not give legal advice and neither do we. However, we can say that the HT60 is NJ compliant on the model 60. Not on the model 795. We have this in writing from the NJ officials.


Listening to the podcast 272 almost made me go HRC on my cell phone. Made in America does not matter? How you can all voice such an ill-informed opinion is not at all clear. Your show reaches thousands of persons, you have a responsibility to be informed about the behavior of bad state actors like the PRC (China) if you are going to make such statements. Do you think that Holosun would be product with EO Tech or Aimpoint? It would not. Here is nugget of info for you all. What is the one thing that President Trump and Sen Schumer agree upon? The estimate the the PRC is stealing 500-600 billion worth of IP from the US each year. Do you think that matters? I do and so do millions of Americans.

I have worked in China I have witnessed first hand how one copy of Windows is copied to 300 PC's, That is the software they use to manufacture cheap sneakers and TV's. Check out what the PRC forced Boeing to do in order to secure a large purchase of aircraft. Joint venture with technology transfer, has the PRC earned that tech by their own research? No they force it out of the hands of US companies

Manufacturing is the foundation of a thriving economy, Look at CH and DE for how they maintain a manufacturing base of the highest quality. Do you know that the PRC has developing nation status in the WTO courtesy of Bill Clinton. Need more convincing pick up a copy of Wealth and Democracy , by Kevin Phillips. The end stage of every great economy is dependence on the financial services sector.

I do regret that my first contact with you has a negative tone. Your show overall is very entertaining and Tony's commitment of time and resources to 2A causes is laudable . If there is ever a diversity shoot out in OR i would happily volunteer to assist


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Wrap up:

  • Thank you for listening to the “LARGEST” (pound for pound) podcast on the network

  • We are out!

  • Bye Sean-isha (Not said by Host) Falicia’s brother