FIP 001 - Introduction to the Gun & Gear Review Podcast

Get to know Devin and his plans for the new podcast. Photo Oct 06, 11 09 11

Welcome to the Firearms Insider Gun and Gear Review Podcast I'm your host, Devin

Thanks to Jake and everyone at the Firearms Radio Network

On this first episode I want to talk about myself for a bit.

  • First time shooting, .22? Karate camp. Foreigners shooting.
  • Shooting with the boy scouts.
  • Hunting. Pennsylvania mountain oysters.
  • Defense contractor and lack of shooting.
  • Moving back home and getting back to my roots.
  • Getting fit.

Onto what the show will be about

  • At least one gun review per show.
  • Different types of gear.
  • Themed shows (zombie, apocalypse prep)
  • Online thing of the week (crowdfunding, app, video, website)
  • Interviews with manufacturers.
  • Giveaways?
  • Sponsors.opfor

Online thing of the week,  Opfor mag pouch by Limitless Gear Check out everything else on the Firearms Radio Network Send any ideas, questions and suggestion to


Thanks for checking it out. "You're the weapon, everything else is just a tool to help you"