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 Welcome to the Firearms Insider Gun & Gear Review Podcast, episode 250. On this show we showcase gun reviews, gear and anything else a gun enthusiast may be looking for. We strive to evaluate products from an unbiased and honest perspective. I’m your host Chad Wallace from the Firearms Radio Network, your source for broadcasts, for shooters, hunters and all things firearms related. In this show we will be discussing Questions and maybe some answers

Tonight on the podcast we have:

Tony, Zane

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Main Topic: Q & A

Bryan A,

 If you had to defend your home from the worst SHTF situation you can imagine (zombie apocalypse, coordinated siege by gang members, a hundred horse-sized ducks, etc.), and you could recruit one of your co-hosts to help you, who would you pick? (You'd both have access to all the weapons and ammo in your collections.) Also, which weapons would you first reach for, and why?

Ryan B.

 I am trying to round out my stamp collection by getting one of each type of NFA item. I am currently in the market for either an AOW or a destructive device. I want it to be something interesting but am hoping to keep the cost $700 or less. I'm leaning towards a classic sawn-off double barrel with pistol grip as an AOW. While really cool, I already have a SBS, so I'm not over the moon about it. Do you guys have any creative, odd-ball, or really cool suggestions? Thanks!

Not Ryan Cross

 What is the use of reduced recoil loads?

Matt S.

 I had a question about holsters. I was curious to know what you all carry (gun, holster, spare mag, etc) and at what boys position (appendix, 3:00, etc.) I know Zane said he was a smaller framed guy, and was curious to know the differences between him and some of the other “more sturdy” co-hosts.

Roger I.

 What are your favorite curio and relic guns? I like Mauser rifles. Doesn’t matter the country of origin

Rusty O.

 What is everyone’s background on the show and how did you get into shooting/firearms and into podcasts?

Shawn E.

    If you could have one gun – no cost to you – what would it be (no matter how impractical or odd)?  If you could undo a purchase you once made, what would it be?

     Sometimes I overhear dogs on the show – who has ‘em, what are their names?
Hi, my name is Chad, I have 2 dogs named Elsa (a dachshund) and Ruby (west highland terrier). They love to bark when my children bring friends over or when someone knocks at the door

Gary T.

 Zane:  You mentioned that you have your own range.  Can you tell us more about that? I'm curious where you're based; is your range in Belle Glade by chance?  I seem to remember you mentioning Lake Okeechobee a while back.

Rob: You mentioned that you would be down to shoot, potentially.  It sounds like you're in West Palm Beach; is that correct? Do you have any favorite places to shoot around that area?  

Tony:  Do you and Sean have any plans to run Diversity Shoots in other parts of the country?  I can't even imagine what that would take in terms of money and organization.

Josh E.

  If you could only keep two of the guns in your collection which two would you choose any why?

   If you could only own firearms from one manufacturer which manufacturer would you choose?

Duckduckmoose3 from IG

 Tony: How can we get you to do a diversity shoot in the Great state of California? Or how can I go about hosting something similar, and where do I start?

Listener Feedback


I have been listening to and enjoying your podcast for a while now. Thank you for providing good quality entertainment and information. I compare your podcast to dating a girl that you aren’t in love with but that you are thankful just to have. While I am mostly committed to you I am keeping my options open for something better. You mean well and your heart is in the right place, but you just don’t have the keeper qualities a permanent marriage requires. I like that you all make me laugh except for Rob who is a serial smile thief. That’s okay, because while he may have some cool toys everyone has a part of them that just loves to state the obvious and that finds solace in yesterday’s cliches and pop humor. Zane adds that stubborn set in your ways quality that’s annoyingly love-able yet predictably unadventurous. There’s only so many conversations a glock AR lover can have before you’re just left wanting something more...Full recoil once in a while wouldn’t hurt. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the gun talk and you guys are great. It’s not you its me. Tony brings an overdose of reality and the poor mans perspective.  We could all use a little humble pie when it comes to our firearms budget. Either everything is too expensive or yesterday’s shillings just don’t spend like they use to. My grandma still pays 50 cents to mow her lawn. I love her anyway. Chad is the glue that keeps the whole thing rolling, so there’s that. Seriously though thanks guys for the good content. We’re tied at the hip shooting until there’s a breech of contract and we have to tap rack bang.


This is by far my favorite podcast, and listen to it religiously every week. Very informative, and the banter back and forth reminds me of my time in the fire service, and makes me feel right at home when I’m listening, even when Tony repeats repeats himself. I don’t know how I never noticed this before, but Zane sounds dead up like Archer, and some random Archer one liners would be much appreciated! Keep up the good work y’all, I really enjoy listening!

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