FIP 099 - Mossberg Patriot, Browning Storm Front Damascus Knife, Kimber Bel Air Micro 380acp, CompTac Calvary Holster, Pivothead HD video sunglasses

Welcome to the Firearms Insider Gun & Gear Review Podcast, episode 99! On this show we showcase gun reviews, gear and anything else a gun enthusiast may be looking for. We strive  to evaluate products from an unbiased and honest perspective. I’m your host Ryan Cross from the Firearms Radio Network, your source for broadcasts for shooters, hunters and gun enthusiasts. Announcements:

Housekeeping: TJ - I believe I misspoke on last week’s episode (098) when discussing the Quarter Circle 10 AR upper. I had said that the QC10 lower was the budget entry to the AR in 9mm, but I was actually thinking about the New Frontier Armory C-9. Granted, the QC10 is less expensive than some options, but the NF is even less so than that. It seems you can build the QC10 for roughly $340 and up, depending on what LPK and stock you go with. (These numbers were using a standard stock and buffer kit for $40 and LPK with MOE grip for $60. Both from PSA.) Whereas, you can get the completed NF for $289, once available, or $170 stripped lower.

Listener Input: We had a listener give us his input about a couple of products that we talked about. Alex is a USPSA and 3-Gun competitor, and shoots for the Immortal Arms Shooting Team and Lucas Oil Outdoor: Finally caught up on podcasts.. good show guys! The Armalite 18" 3 gun rifle is about the best thing on the market dollar for dollar. The tuneable brake is very interesting. You don't use the set screws as most people think, by threading them in or out to tune. You actually thread them all the way in, then start drilling a hole through the center of the set screw. Basically, you stand and fire the gun free style. Generally a right handed shooter will push the gun to the right during recoil. You start with a small 1/32" or 1/16" hole and continue increasing the hole size until the rifle doesn't push away from you in recoil. If it starts pushing to the left too much because you've gone to a larger than needed hole size, you drill the left size incrementally larger until it balances. If it can't be balanced, take the set screw out that was drilled too big, put a fresh one in, and start over. Then you do the same thing with the top set screw to stop the rifle from climbing. You'll get to the point where the brake is tuned perfectly to your ammo, and your target will never leave your reticle.

Also, not sure if it was this episode or the following one where you guys mentioned the JM Pro shotgun. Out of the box it's fairly solid, but some people have had light strike issues (me included). To fix that, buy a Ruger 10/22 Extra Power hammer spring from Wolff to swap out the factory Mossberg hammer spring. Problem solved. I've actually sold off both of my JM Pro's and bought a Beretta 1301 Competition 24". Incredible gun, ridiculously fast action and super reliable.

Product Spotlight: Mossberg Patriot in Kryptek MSRP: $426Mossberg-Patriot-660x144

Browning Storm Front Damascus Knife MSRP: $333Browning-Storm-Front-Damascus-Stag-Drop-Point-3220217-3774l

Kimber Micro Bel Air 380 acp MSRP: $810kimber-micro-bel-air-1024x893

Comp-Tac Cavalry Holster MSRP: $44.9910550_1

Main Topic: Panel Discussion of FI Reviews Ryan - Magpul Zhukov AK Hanguard

Tech Gadget or App: Pivothead Original Sunglasses MSRP: 199.00Originals_Header-Image_Left

Listener Feedback: I have an issue box and one other concealment option from tactical walls. Just a few things stood out that should be mentioned with the issue box. First only pistols with shortened carry grips will fit but it can take long barrel variants of those like the xds 4.0. It requires speciality short height tissues boxes not normal ones to leave space for the hand gun. Personally I would say it's ok for the cost but I much prefer the clock they for a concealment option cause it can fit any handgun and no one suspects it.” Matthew S.

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2nd is for Everyone Diversity Shoot Events Gun for Hire Range @ Woodland Park Range, NJ

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