FIP 052 - Glock Special

Welcome to the Firearms Insider Gun & Gear Review Podcast, episode 52. On this show we showcase gun reviews, gear and anything else a gun enthusiast may be looking for. We strive  to evaluate products from an unbiased and honest perspective. I’m your host Ryan Cross from the Firearms Radio Network, your source for broadcasts for shooters, hunters and gun enthusiasts. Bandwidth for this episode is brought to you by Action Target. Herzlich Willkommen auf der Glock Folge! (Welcome to the Glock Episode!)

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Q: “Glock uses Tenifer on the barrel and slides of their pistols. This is a very hard finish and is used for its corrosion resistance. It is similar in hardness to a diamond. What is the Rockwell hardness for this finish as used by Glock?” LIKE the Firearms Insider Facebook Page and be the first to answer the trivia question correctly with a comment on the facebook post! Post will go up at the time of podcast LIVE recording on 10/15, winner announced on episode 053!

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Podcast Guest Giveaway! One engraved AR-15 part of your choosing from www.magplates.comEPDC-BW-SMOLON-2 How to win: Email host at and join podcast recording session. Podcast records on Tuesdays between 7:00PM CST and 9:00PM CST You must be able to join a Google Hangout. (click here to learn how) Tech Requirements:

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  • Video participation is encouraged but not mandatory (webcam)

New Product Spotlight: Vickers Elite Battlesight w/ Tritium for Glock MSRP: $64.69669t-001 LWD Compensator for Glock MSRP: $59.95 - $64.95LWD-comp

GlockWorx ZEV Tech Fulcrum Trigger for Glock MSRP: $150.0010023_91052

Quarter Circle 10 AR-15 Lower for Glock Magazines MSRP: $274.95 Blem: $247.45GlockLower

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Main Topic: Panel Discussion of FI Reviews Nick - Forest City Tactical Delta Ryan - Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 Holster

Tech Gadget or App: Glock I.D. Interactive WebsiteGlockID

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