FIP 028 - MSAR STG-556, Glock 42 & CCW App

Welcome to the Firearms Insider Gun & Gear Review Podcast, episode 28.  On this show we showcase gun reviews, gear and anything else a gun enthusiast may be looking for. We strive  to evaluate products from an unbiased and honest perspective. I’m your host Ryan Cross from the Firearms Radio Network, your source for broadcasts for shooters, hunters and gun enthusiasts. Bandwidth for this episode is brought to you by Action Target. Today I have with me Daniel Lance from Calamity Arms.

Guest Info/Links: (optional) Lance - calamity arms on facebook

Announcement: Radetec Giveaway - AR-15 1911, 92fs, M&P 9 LED advisor and Digital Counters. One entry per itunes review. Deadline for entries May 27th. Entrants must email with username, real name, and preferred choice of Radetec model.

New Product Spotlight: Heizer AR Pocket Pistol 523x350xPAR1 Century MDL 38-3 CentIntMDL38-3_L Remington 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader Great youtube demo video here.

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Main Topic: Panel Discussion of FI Reviews Daniel - MSAR STG-556 Ryan - Glock 42

Tech Gadget or App: CCW Guardian App Video screen568x568 Reed & Ward’s CCW Guardian makes logging your weapons and training a snap. Designed for in-the-field use, CCW Guardian has large text and simple navigation. You can focus on your training, not waste time fumbling with your phone.


Security CCW Guardian is password protected. Without a username and password you can’t access the logged information. We’ve also built the app to keep track of multiple users on one device.

Dashboard A quick snapshot of your training including: • Days since you last trained • Total rounds fired • Areas of focus

Weapon Log Keep track of your weapons. If your weapons are lost or stolen, you will have quick access to weapon information for police and insurance reports. • Weapon nickname • Make & model • Caliber • Serial number • Unlimited photos

Permit Logscreen568x568 (1) Keep track of your permits. • State issued • Permit number • Date issued • Time valid • Unlimited photos

Training Session Log There’s room for every detail you need, even if we didn’t think of it. We automatically collect some data such as date, time, weather, and location. But you can manually override the automatic info if you wish. • Handgun • Ammo type • Target type • Training focus • Date • Time • Weather • Notes – Put anything you want in here • Unlimited photos

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