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2015-09-18 13.24.05On this week's show talk about Troy’s recent visit to Colonial Williamsburg VA.

God and Guns Podcast Episode 125 - VA is for Gunners Intro: Welcome back to Episode 125 of the God and Guns Podcast. I’m your host, Troy. (Doug) And I’m your other host, Doug. (Troy) We use this podcast to talk about God, guns, and the responsible Christian gun owners interests. On this week's show talk about Troy’s recent visit to VA.

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This Weeks God and Gun activities: Doug: God: Been doing my daily devotional, Piper and sportsman daily devotional Daily Bible Verse. At cracker barrel after church on Sunday and saw a guy open carrying. gave him one of our cards. Got several people signed up on DVOR this week. Got my firearms radio network shirt. Guns: EDC. Been chasing deer round this week. No luck so far. Scored some 22 ammo on Tuesday.

Troy: God: Daily Devotional My Utmost for his Highest by Oswald Chambers, Wednesday night youth service. 57 kids, 10 adults. Guns: Conceal Carry or open Carry everyday. The Axelson Tactical combat 5.56 arrived the day before we left for VA. Taking it to the range tomorrow. Comedy Corner: Two blondes walk beside each other down the street. One of them sees a broken piece of mirror on the ground, grabs it, looks at it and says, "This girl looks so familiar, but I can't remember where I know her from." The other girl grabs it from her hand, takes a look at it, and says, "It's me you idiot!"

A church's bell ringer passed away. The church posted the job opening in the local newspaper's classified ads and a man came in with no arms wanting the job. The clergy weren't sure he could do it, but he convinced them to let him try it. They climbed the bell tower and the guy ran toward the bell and hit it with his head, producing a beautiful melody. They gave him the job on the spot. The next day he went to ring the bell, tripped, bounced off the bell and fell to the sidewalk below. Two priests were walking past. One asked, "Do you know this guy?" The other responded, "No, but his face rings a bell."

The next day, the dead man's twin brother came in for the again vacant bell ringer position. He also had no arms. The clergy led him up to the bell tower, where he ran at the bell, tripped and fell to the sidewalk below. The same two priests walked up. The first asked, "Do you know him?" The second responded, "No, but he's a dead ringer for his brother."

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Thomas M. Buckley Hi Troy & Doug. Doug I've got a holster I will gift to you - if you  want it. I had ordered a VP9 (Troy, you may remember my past email below. We have emailed several times, but I don't think I've ever corresponded with Doug), but before it came in I ran into a mint used flat dark earth Glock 19 with night sights & picked it up for a steal - so I am out of the VP9 business for now. I had already purchased a used (but never actually used) high quality Stealth Gear AIWB for the VP9 from a buddy, obviously I don't need it now. Instead of selling it I'd rather support you guys as y'all work every week to provide us with great God-centered gun related content that I find value in. Doug, just send me your address and I will ship it to you. Photo is attached to this email.

God bless! Tom

Kirk L Olsen 22 September 13:43

I listen to your shows on the my phone you guys talk about Froglube where I live I can't find it here, where can I order it. Thanks I love God and Guns

Bible Verse

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. Psalm 139:13-16 (ESV)

Main Topic

  • VA is for Gunners
  • Colonial Williamsburg
  • Jamestown
  • Yorktown
  • Don't Tread on me License Plates
  • Monticello
  • RV Camping
  • Visited Jessica Hazelaar of Eclipse Holsters, she gave our kids and me the tour of her factory. Visited Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, and Monticello. RV with Homeschool families.

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NRA Armed Citizen Senior Citizen Uses Gun to Turn Tables During Home Invasion

CARTER COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) - A senior citizen turned the tables during a home invasion. The elderly man woke up during a nap about 10 a.m. Tuesday to find a burglar ransacking his house. When Robert Hamm got up to investigate what was causing a loud noise, he saw a man going through the drawers in one of his bedrooms. "I saw the man with his arms loaded up with my tools," Hamm said. The burglar, who'd climbed in through the bedroom window, apparently didn't know or care that the 75-year-old was home. Hamm, who keeps his gun handy, wasn't about to let the crook escape with his stuff. "I just pointed the gun at him and told him I'd blow him in two if he moved," Hamm said, "and I made him lay down here in the middle of the floor." Hamm called 911 and held him at gunpoint until police showed up at his home along Blue Hall Road in Olive Hill. "I wanted to shoot him really bad," Hamm said. "I really wanted to shoot him." Hamm says he's known the suspect, Larry Lee Thompson, since he was born, and that he has a reputation for this sort of thing. The suspect's sister, Loretta Boggs, lives up the road. She was devastated her brother forced her neighbor to this extreme. "It hurts me deeply," Boggs said. "It hurts the whole family. We love him, but what can we do?" She says he's been living recently in Richmond, Kentucky. Thompson was taken into custody by the Carter County Sheriff's Department.


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