God and Guns 167 - Hunting Our Favorite Season

On this week's show we will be talking about our favorite Season of the year, Hunting Season.


God and Guns Podcast Episode 167 - Favorite Season Hunting
Intro: Welcome back to Episode 167 of the God and Guns Podcast. I’m your host, Troy. (Doug) And I’m your other host, Doug. (Troy) We use this podcast to talk about God, guns, and the responsible Christian gun owner’s interests. On this week's show we will be discussing the our favorite Season of the year, Hunting Season.

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This Week's God and Gun activities:
God: Been doing my daily devotional, Piper and sportsman daily devotional. Church on Sunday.
Guns: EDC. Carrying my Glock 19 this week.. Made it to the range today. Got to shoot several of my guns I acquired and had not shot. Also shot my new AR pistol. It is a fireball maker.

God: Catching up on my Reading Through the bible in a year ESV Bible App or at Bible.com, Went to church watched the camera’s Wednesday night for AWANA Taught Sunday School to Youth.
Guns: EDC, Preparing for my upcoming Defensive Pistol Class. Webstore slow this week. Still trying to decide whether to move to the farm or stay here in Glasgow.

EDC Check:
Troy G19 Gen3, Suarez SlideTrijicon RMRLonewolf BarrelXS Big Dot Suppressor Height SightsSurefire XC1 WeaponLightSnag mag and 2 spare mags in right vest pocket. For backup is G26 on strongside Tactical vest side with spare G17 Mag in a Desantis Nemesis Cargo Pocket holsterMicrotech Combat TroodonSurefire 6PX™ Tactical LightBenchmade Tactical Pen.

Doug HK VP9, Crossbreed Supertuck deluxe, Extra Mag and Crossbreed pocket Mag Holder.

Comedy Corner
Cat for Sale
An art connoisseur passed a little grocery in New York when he noticed a kitten on the front step lapping up some milk in a bowl. The cat was mangy with one ear half chewed off and clumps of fur missing. What really caught the collector’s eye was the bowl the kitten was drinking from. It was a rare antique worth thousands. He walks in the store and offers $20.00 for the cat. "He's not for sale." Says the store owner. "That's ridiculous!" Says the collector. "He is one of the ugliest cats I've seen. He must be for sale. I'll give you $100.00 for him." The store owner thought for a second and said "It's a deal." The connoisseur hands the store owner the money, which he quickly pockets, and as he starts out the store asks "For that price I'm sure you don't mind sending that old bowl with him. He seems so happy drinking from it." The store owner says " No way. That's my lucky bowl. From that bowl I've sold 26 cats this week!"

Listener Feedback
Troy/Doug, I came across a couple quotes that you might enjoy. I think our founding fathers were on to something. 

"The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."
- Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book (quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria), 1774-1776

"Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed, as they are in almost every country in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops."
- Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution, October 10, 1787

Jonathan Rigsby


              Thank you to you and Troy for the excellent content on your podcasts.  I enjoy hearing perspectives that are more in line with mine and not the typical WA drivel that is so prevalent around here.  I’d like to take you up on your offer for a free Frog Lube Extreme trial pack.  I was all set to pick up some of the original, but then heard stories of it freezing which made me back down from the purchase.  Thank you in advance, and thank you again for the show!

In Him,

              Shawn Christopherson

Weekly Bible Verses:

1 Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!
2 Let Israel say, "His steadfast love endures forever."
3 Let the house of Aaron say, "His steadfast love endures forever."
4 Let those who fear the Lord say, "His steadfast love endures forever."
5 Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free.
6 The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?
7 The Lord is on my side as my helper; I shall look in triumph on those who hate me.
8 It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man.
9 It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.
10 All nations surrounded me; in the name of the Lord I cut them off!
11 They surrounded me, surrounded me on every side; in the name of the Lord I cut them off!
12 They surrounded me like bees; they went out like a fire among thorns;
in the name of the Lord I cut them off!
13 I was pushed hard, so that I was falling, but the Lord helped me.
14 The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.
15 Glad songs of salvation are in the tents of the righteous: "The right hand of the Lord does valiantly,
16 the right hand of the Lord exalts, the right hand of the Lord does valiantly!"
17 I shall not die, but I shall live, and recount the deeds of the Lord.
18 The Lord has disciplined me severely, but he has not given me over to death.
19 Open to me the gates of righteousness, that I may enter through them and give thanks to the Lord.
20 This is the gate of the Lord; the righteous shall enter through it.
21 I thank you that you have answered me and have become my salvation.
22 The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.
23 This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.
24 This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.
25 Save us, we pray, O Lord! O Lord, we pray, give us success!
26 Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! We bless you from the house of the Lord.
27 The Lord is God, and he has made his light to shine upon us. Bind the festal sacrifice with cords, up to the horns of the altar!
28 You are my God, and I will give thanks to you; you are my God; I will extol you.
29 Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!
Psalms 118:1-29 ESV

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Clarkston resident shoots, kills intruder; two suspects arrested
DECATUR, Ga. - Two men have been arrested for their involvement in a home invasion in Clarkston that left a third suspect dead.

According to the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office, Benjamin Jeffrey Florence, 26, and Tyler Alexander Brown, 21, are both charged with felony murder. Officials say Florence and Brown conspired with Curtis Bernard Turner, 32, and forced their way into a home on Parkline Drive on October 10. Once inside, deputies say an assault occurred and Turner was shot to death by an occupant of the residence.
Fox 5 Atlanta Ga - Nov 2nd

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