GNG 029 - Listener Round Up


Mike and Troy have discussions with listeners of the show, and address some of the issues relating to their interests.


God and Guns Podcast

Episode 029 - Listener Round Up



Welcome back to the God and Guns Podcast. I’m your host, Mike.  (Troy) And I’m your other host, Troy.

We use this podcast to talk about God, guns, and the responsible Christian gun owners interests.

Today we have a few loyal listeners on the line to talk about some things that have been on their minds.


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-Dana White pays royalties to Chuck Norris for using the name, “The Ultimate Fighter,” for the TV show.

-Chuck Norris woke up Jeff, then knocked all the wiggles out. Listener Email:

Don says: “I'm a bit behind and am now listening to Podcast 23 - Listener Questions part 1.  I disagree with the idea of a phone app that lists 'Gun Free Zones'.  Zack had it right when he discussed the downside of this app.  The idea of carrying concealed is to harden yourself as a target.  That is true of the responsible gun owner, Christian or not.  Providing the information this app would provide WEAKENS the target.  Even if Gun Welcome/Friendly Zones were listed, that provides some of the intel a criminal would otherwise need to work for.  Therefore, if they choose to target a Gun Friendly Zone, this app makes it easier for them to do their job and eliminates a step during which Law Enforcement or a Security Team might otherwise intercept them.. The Gun Free Zone App is a BAD idea all around.”


Rob says:  “Just wanted to drop you guys a little note of support on the great podcast you guys put out. Found you through the FRN and you guys have moved into one of my top 3 casts.

Please keep up the podcasts,... if you record it, they will listen... your ministry is inspiring more than you know.

Topic idea: Recommended bible verses to get engraved on your firearms / knives. For instance one of my EDC knives was a gift from my best friend and on the blade it is engraved "2 Sam 12:7" (i.e. "You are the man!")

I always thought that was neat and thought it would be neat to possibly customize a 1911 slide or grips with a bible verse... just a topic idea.


Jeff says:  “I was turned on to your podcast a couple of months ago and really look forward to your show each week. I appreciate the work you do of sharing insights and ideas about two of our favorite subjects. If you included golf in the show, you would have the perfect setup. I cut my teeth in the handgun industry this winter after the Sandy Hook tragedy. I am certainly not new to guns, having grown up in southern WV with the hunting culture as a way of life. Sandy Hook, Aurora, and many other tragedies with the horrific VA Tech incident that happened in my back yard - all these events finally caused the light bulb to come on and convinced me to spend the money on a handgun, training and my concealed carry permit. The local gun stores were out of anything that fit in my price range, being after Christmas, the panic buying that was going on, etc. The only thing I could find was a HiPoint C9. Was it perfect out of the box? No. Did I have my share of malfunctions? Yes. But I spent the time researching and studying what I could do to make my gun better. I checked out the youtube videos and learned how to tweak the mag feed lips, polished the feed ramp and ev er since then, the gun has gone bang every time I have pulled the trigger.

Some people don't like them and I understand that. They are big. They are heavy (no heavier than a 1911, or some other full size pistols, though) That being said, I now carry a Ruger SR9C which is a more practical carry pistol for me. No, the HiPoint is not a Glock. BTW, a lady had a Glock in my CCW class that jammed. User error.

I listened to your dislike for the HiPoint this week and was very disappointed in your comments. This HiPoint shooter loves his. It fills a niche for an inexpensive defensive handgun.

Regardless of what gun you have, the key to effective carry is to know your gun, practice with your gun and be trained.

No danger of losing a listener, just giving a different perspective.

Keep sharing the gospel. Thanks for the work you do and God bless


Weekly Bible Verse: Psalms 44:6

“I put no trust in my bow,

my sword does not bring me victory.” (NIV)

Homework: James 5:13-16




Main Topic: Listener Round Up

Submitted topics:

-General discussion of living the faith and how it relates to "gun culture."

-The Christian role in light of potential changes in civil (earthly) leadership and legislation.

-Further discussion on the image the gun culture demonstrates via social Media.

-"Responsible" Gun Ownership.

-Shooting on a budget. Bandwidth Sponsor: Firearms Radio Network



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