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feedbackToday Mike and Zack discuss some excellent feedback we've been getting. Most of it includes feedback from the Gun Bans episode.  





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Episode 012 - What do you think?



Welcome back to the God and Guns Podcast. My name’s Mike, your host, (Zack) And I’m Zack, your other host.

Zack and I use this podcast to talk about God, guns, and the responsible Christian gun owners interests.

Today we’ll be talking about some of the feedback we’ve been getting as a result of the new show but focusing on the feedback from our Gun Bans episode a few weeks ago. And the bandwidth for this episode is brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network.


Comedy Corner:

-Some kids pee their names in snow. Chuck Norris pees his name in concrete.

-Chuck Norris was denied auditioning for “Mission Impossible” for obvious reasons.

- Chuck Norris destroyed the periodic table, because the only element Chuck Norris recognizes is the element of Surprise.


Weekly Bible Verse:

Matthew 11:28 - “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”




Main Topic:

-Braden says: “Dear Mike and Zack,

Gentlemen, it is my belief that the interpretation of the cited passages in Romans warns us that bad things can happen to us when we challenge the government.


However, there are several instances where disobeying authority figures is both moral and necessary.


1. Unconstitutional law as noted in the show. If a law violates the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land, it is null and void. While the main emphasis is on the 2A, how would you feel about the First Amendment violation that you cannot talk about God, mention Jesus Christ, or anything to do with Christianity? See, that brings it into sharp relief. I know I would disobey such an immoral and unconstitutional law. Basically, the whole BOR is commingled and also interdependent. Also, the Constitutional changing process is called "amending" not "ratification" (oops).


2. Laws that violate God's law. How about a law that requires you to worship an idol or to accept the Mark of the Beast? How about communist countries that outlaw Christianity? Obey and you are damned...literally.


3. Laws that are unjust and despotic. Note, the Romans passage has been used inappropriately to justify the rule of evil kings and the practice of slavery. Obviously, we want to first use legal and political channels to oppose egregious laws, but failing that, we may have to use civil disobedience and possibly armed resistance/revolution if the provocation is sufficient. For example, see our very own revolution against King George in England, ending slavery, civil rights for blacks, Free French and anti-Nazi Germans sabotage against Nazi Germany, the Underground Railroad and hiding of Jews and many other examples of decent people defying evil laws. Obviously, good people cannot just blindly obey all laws from all governments. Just getting elected or appointed does not remove the sin from the souls of men. When they pass laws that are unjust, in a moral sense, they can be defied. We just need to know that even if we are in the right, we can still suffer the sword of the government. Also, from a biblical perspective, just defying laws that you personally do not like, but are not in accord with God's laws (e.g. laws against sodomy, rape, marijuana use) does not get a free pass. Laws inconsistent with what God would like would be things we could righteously oppose (e.g. abortion) since it attacks the defense of innocent life. This is also why SD is okay.


-Mike’s reply to Braden: Braden,

Thanks for the email! We love the feedback and you made some excellent points. We are constantly getting feedback about things we left out or areas we were wrong. I say that on a positive note of course. I will say though that we have gotten some great feedback on this particular episode so I will save most of my response to your email for a show that I believe will have to be strictly response to feedback we've gotten. Hopefully we can get that show together very soon.

We really appreciate you listening to the show! It means a lot to us and even more that you take the time to contact us with your insight.

One thing I will address now, however, is the amending/ratification slip up. I was hoping nobody caught that! haha. I know Zack and I both used "ratify" in the wrong sense when I went back and edited the show. I think we were in the mindset at the time that if a new constitution were written or an amendment was proposed those changes would have to be ratified. But we definitely didn't do a good job a vocalizing that. It was just too late to make changes to the recording and, you're right, it was used in the wrong way. We'll have to add that to our list of corrections :)

Thanks again Braden and we'll definitely bring your email up on the show.


-Joseph says: “(I just read through the email you are about to read. I apologize for the length. Thanks for your patience, and I hope it's edifying.)


My name is Joe. I believe what the Bible says. I believe that the Father planned for Jesus to live a perfect life, die on the cross for my sins, and raise the third day. Because of His blood I am made a child of God, and I have been given the Spirit of God as a guarantee of my inheritance. For me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.


I live in Portland, Oregon. I carry my gun every day, everywhere. I follow the Lord's command to live peaceably with all men, but I am prepared for those that don't.


Today on my way to work, as I so often do, I turned on the new episode of God and Guns. Hearing that the topic was the gun ban made me at once shudder and smile. I knew that it could go either way (Jesus spoke about submission to government, and Paul wrote about it it Romans). I was pleased when Romans 13 was discussed, because I have done a great deal of soul searching on what it means to submit to government.


The United States is a unique governmental system in that the supreme law of the land starts with the words "We The People". It is not a document drafted for politicians (although most of the signers were politicians). It was written simply, but with great thought, by men who had known the oppression, violation of liberty, and misuse of power. They knew that power should not rest in the hands of one man, or just a few like-minded men, or in one entity of government, or even in one family. They also knew that power should never rest in the hands of the majority. They wrote to distribute power with checks and balances. Most importantly, however, they wrote to preserve the belief that the ultimate authority rests in the hands of God.


You see, when I truly believe that God governs me, I must also believe that God governs you. When you choose to act outside of God-blessed self control and restraint, you are choosing to release me of the restraint I would otherwise be necessitated by God to display. You have chosen to threaten my life, and you have forced me to defend myself.


How this plays into gun bans: The elected officials have begun to act on the lack of respect for God's ultimate authority (they have lost respect for quite some time, but now they are moving forward and acting in their arrogance). They have chosen to control rather than to trust God is in control, and as such are acting outside of God’s intention for human interaction. This necessitates response. When they attack with ungodly legislation, we must fight with godly and righteous legislation. When they slander, we must speak truth. When they threaten lives by lethal force, we must volley.


There is no difference between self defense against an attacker hand to hand and self defense against a government. Both have refused to respect others how God has intended. To call one self defense and the other rebellion is to have different standards in what we believe.


Now this leads into other topics. Namely, incrementalism. I would love to talk at length about how certain groups (namely, gay rights and abortion groups) have chipped away at the moral fabric that founded this country for so long that to even question whether they are moral issues seems appalling. Gun grabbers are the same ilk, and they are fantastic at what they do. They are patient, resilient, resourceful, and shrewd. And they are winning.


If you have read this far, thank you. I appreciate it. Your podcast has fueled my love for America, and my love for my Jesus. As an American, my knowledge and opinions are unique to someone who is subject to the laws of our great nation. I would love to hear what somebody from another country and culture would feel on the subject.


To wrap up, I have a criticism. Do not be afraid! Speak confidently! You claim to be "not experts", and I call foul. You are spending your week working out the relevant issues, talking guns, and praying for your listeners. That means you are being intentional about your faith and your life. Be confidant that The Lord can use you to speak the truth!


God bless you both.

Joseph R.

3 John 4

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.


-Shaughn says: “I recently discovered your podcast, and I'm really enjoying it. I just listened to episode 4, and you had an email from Rob, who had asked if you would do a show on church carry. He seemed surprised that other people in his church did it. I just wanted to say his church is not alone. I live in NY, and at the church I go to, both a State Trooper and our pastor carry. Not only do they carry, but the pastor makes sure that one of the two of them ALWAYS has a gun on them. So church carries are not as unusual as they would seem. If you want to let Rob know, that would be fine with me. I really appreciate all the work you and Zack are doing on this podcast. I'll head over to iTunes and give you guys a 5-star rating.”


-Michael K. says: I wanted to thank you guys for the podcast. I have been listening from the beginning and I generally listen to your show within a week or two of the recording date. I conceal carry and in our state we also have the castle law where intruders can be met with deadly force.

I do not know which show it was in but you were discussing the ethics of shooting a human being in the commission of an evil act and how you would send them to Hell by killing them and leaving them no method of Redemption. I literally froze and had to think about that. I had to shut off the podcast to think and pray over that one. (Nice work there because I am generally not caught off-guard)

I do not agree with your friend as my family and how their way of life would change if I am not here with them outweighs anything else. Not saying I have it right, this is what is right for me right now.

God Bless and Thanks again.


-David F says: The question was posed regarding those listeners in other countries with no constitutional precedent for gun ownership.

Based on my beliefs, I agree that the right to life is one granted by God. Protecting that life is a part of that right.

The rights of the people. All People.. Not specifically meaning Americans.

It is easy to boast and say I would never give them up, but the question is not so easily answered.

As an American, I have the frame of reference that indicates these rights are God-given. They are merely codified within the constitution. They remain inviolate. Abortion is "Legal" but is is certainly against God's law. One might question the validity of the government we have. BUT... Saul was the King chosen for Israel by God because it is what they asked for. Even those who disagreed had to suffer the consequences.


And that pretty much wraps up our main topic which has been brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network.



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