F2FHQ 052 - Ketosis, Juicing and Mud Runs

More Ketosis talk this week.  Zack and Carol also have a great bio hacking chat for two people who have no idea of how to properly bio hack.  They also talk about the Tough Mudder race and how Carol fits juicing into a low carb lifestyle.

Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. I’m your host, Carol Salva and along with me is Zack Carlson from gun guy radio. In this podcast we are chronicling our journeys from Fat to Fit.  We talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.

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Where we started our journeys: Zack 278.2, Jake 228, Carol 145

Jake:  204

Zack: UP 261

Carol: 127.5 lb  up even MORE


Carol:  2 ½ weeks now.  Not losing.  Gaining but I think it is my indulgence in some of these things that folks pull back on. ( Nuts, cheese, just too much snacking even when I’m not hungry)  Not giving up just yet.  Tracking should help me.

What works for others doesn't necessarily work for me but I am learning A LOT!!  Yay!

Zack:  Just haven’t been focused on nutrition over the last few weeks but I am very curious about Nutritional Ketosis.  I have been looking at Tough Mudder information and it is terrifying!


Nutritional Ketosis  - refer to www.livinlavidalocarb.com  or www.cavemandoctor.com

Jimmy’s Five Low Carb Mistakes

Glucose Meter

Online Canadian Pharmacy for Ketosis Strips


Shoes that are great for Tough Mudder: http://www.6pm.com/vivobarefoot-breatho-trail-l-light-grey-dark-blue



Next Community Juice Fast is Sept 22, 2013!


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Carol, Jake and Zack:

This is Jack , we met at the NRA show when I stopped by the Lone Wolf booth.

At that point I had barely begun my journey in trying to lose some weight and get fit.

I thought I'd give you an update on my journey.

To date I have lost 56 pounds from a starting weight of 263 to my current weight of 207!

I give much of the credit to the positive reinforcement I get from listening to Fat2Fit and other Podcasts I have learned about from your show.

I am excited with the results to date, but still have a way to go as my goal is 190 (I think).

I lost the 1st 10 by just doing the "basics" no fast food and began to limit carbs (a little).  The big change came following your interview with Relentless Roger.  During the interview, he mentioned something about making your health one of your hobbies ( I think it was Roger, although there is an outside chance it may have been Dean Dwyer).  This absolutely resonated with me!  As a firearms enthusiast, I have spent countless hours learning about my hobby, yet I have spent almost no time understanding nutrition or wellness!

I began listening to Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor Podcast and eventually discovered The Paleo Solution Podcast.  Because I literally had years to catch up on Robb Wolf;s podcast, I had plenty of listening to do (I'm still not caught up).

Ultimately, I got Robb Wolfs book and have become a little militant (according to my family) about the whole clean eating thing.  Not doing the grass fed meat as often as I'd like, but otherwise I'm pretty "hardcore".

The education has been amazing and while I am paranoid of this being a "fad", for now, I am in the zone and continue to invest time and energy to get healthy.

My job requires that I travel extensively (>50% of the time) and while this makes eating right a challenge, it also offers the opportunity for me to listen to the podcasts which reinforces my resolve.

While, I haven't integrated a formal workout regiment, I have been diligent about walking daily (no less than an hour a day at about a 4MPH pace).  I still believe that 95% of the success can be attributed to diet not exercise.  My goal is to begin lifting weights once I get to my goal weight.  Why I know this is probably not optimal, I am trying to avoid the mental impact of gaining weight (even if from muscle) until I am ready.

There are so many tools I have learned about on the show that have helped me along the way.

I thought I'd mention them (in case you can use them to secure sponsors) :).

Various other Podcasts (Relentless Roger and Caveman Doctor, Paleo Solution, Everyday Paleo)

Fit Bit

My Fitness Pal

Run Keeper

Thanks for the show and the positive motivation!




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