F2FHQ 055 - Normal Fitness with Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers, The Christian Gun Owner, offers advice on how normal people can get and stay fit.  You will love Mark’s common sense approach to a healthy lifestyle at any age.  No gimmicks, no fads, just fun, intense and effective. Carol and Mark chat about everything from joint rehab to eating pasta and why strength training won’t turn us females into “Lady Hulks.”

Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. I’m your host, Carol Salva from the Firearms Radio Network.  In this podcast we are chronicling our journeys from Fat to Fit.  We talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.

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Mark Rogers, The Christian Gun Owner.

Mark has a lot to say about fitness and nutrition.  Lots of sound advice!  And a heck of a nice guy.  Check out his many websites.  Start here:  www.christiangunowner.com  and don’t forget www.normalfitness.net

From Mike and Troy over at God and Guns interviewed Mark and sent him our way.  Check him out on episode 26 of their show.


Join Team FRN in Nashville!  June 7, 2014

Lisa Jarmon, Scott Anderson and Stacy Knickerboker all joined me in putting down our money and forming TEAM FRN.  Who will be next?  Will it be you??  Join us!  Send an email to success@fat2fithq.com  for team password.


Shoes that are great for Tough Mudder: http://www.6pm.com/vivobarefoot-breatho-trail-l-light-grey-dark-blue


www.myfitnesspal.com/zekestout (from Talking Lead podcast)


Official Fat2Fit-Biters Site: http://www.fitbit.com/group/22BHX3

Fat2Fit HQ Sparkteam


Zeke:   Sent me a text with this link and one word:  Scary


Zeke reports that he is super active.  You can see that on his myfitnesspal link above.  He has cut out gluten after some beer made me bloated to the point of pain and the possible gluten allergy issue popped up.  A week of no bread and I feel amazing.

Awesome Zeke!  Look at you, self-experimenting! SO proud of you.  - Carol

Jared: I have just started listening to the podcast over the last week. I am interested in the idea of the LCHF diet but I am wondering about putting my children on the diet as well. I have 3 very active young daughters, ages 10, 8 and 5. Do they need more carbs in their diet than I would considering I am trying to drop 20-25 pounds where they are still developing and in no need to drop weight. My girls still have that wonderful, child-like metabolism that makes the rest of us sick. :)   Thank you for any advice you can give me. Have a great day!!

Thanks for writing in Jared.  In our emails and on the show Zack and I talk about how common your concern is. We all want to build good habits in our kiddos.  In my house, we minimize the unhealthy choices available.  We are not perfect but we try to model healthy choices and we talk about it with them all the time.  My own kiddos are making better choices and eating A LOT less processed food and A LOT more vegetables, fruit and healthy fat than ever.  Always check with your pediatrician for the best health plan for our kiddos.  Hope that helps! :)  - Carol

Michelle Gabavics:  Since I started this journey I have lost about 13lbs & 5 inches!  I'm so excited on how much my body is changing & how much stronger I feel.  My daughter  is 11 & we did a 5k together this morning & we did 3.31 miles in 1:00:13, it was 18:11 miles an hour!  I think we would have done a little better if there were less hills and I wouldn't have forgotten to take my inhaler.  But we slowed down until I could catch my breath & kept on going strong!  I also started listening to some of the other firearms radio shows (talking lead and gun girl radio) & they are good listening & funny! Got to hear you on there too & know that Jake is still alive! Keep up the good work & say hi to Zach (try some guacamole it's really good, Wholly guacamole is pre-made & you can get it in 100 calorie packs too in spicy or regular)!

Hey Michelle!  You are doing fantastic!  It is great to hear how you are keeping it up! And I love the fact that you are being so active with your daughter.  What a great role model!  Thanks for helping us continue this journey going.  We love the updates, keep them coming!- Carol

Lisa Jarmon:  Hey Carol,  So here's the update… I met with my trainer this week. She has also completed a tough mudder. She tells me that it put her in the hospital with hypothermia LOL. She also told me that it was awesome and that I should definitely do it. I took her the tough mudder Boot Camp print out and she designed a routine for me in preparation of the event. So… I officially preregistered  for Nashville 2014!!!!  I'm super sore but I'm super excited! I just wish I had an actual date. When do you expect them to release the date of the event? My son may also be joining us as well as a cousin and friend. We'll see. Tell Zack there's no backing out now! Talk with you soon. Lisa

Since this email, they have released the date of June 7th!  Lisa signed up immediately and we are official FRN Teammates!  Yay us!!  Thanks for stepping up to the challenge with me Lisa. I can’t even imagine who much fun, bonding and electric shocks we will go through together that day. ;)  - Carol

Tracey:  Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying the podcast.  I continue to learn a lot and to be encouraged by you and your guests.   I am thankful that Jimmy Moore covered the idea of his splurge meals - that he allows himself one every 6 - 8 weeks, or longer.   I had been "treating" myself to a treat/cheat meal once a week - but since I would typically treat myself to a favorite sugary treat of some kind, it would lead to cravings and that would lead to another little treat, then another.   However, since hearing Jimmy's explanation, I picked the last Saturday of every month to have a splurge meal or treat - just one.   I think this will work for me!  I also re-committed myself to trying to have veggies at every meal - thanks to the podcast with Jonathan Bailor.  I am loving my eggs and sauteed onions, mushrooms and bell peppers - everything cooked in butter (Jimmy Moore!).

Thanks for writing in again Tracey!  I love that our guests are having such a positive effect on your life.  You sound just like me.  We hear something reasonable, try it and see if we want to keep it.  These shifts you are making over time might seem small but they are not.   All of these changes sound like you are in a very different place than you were last year.  I know your check-ins are inspiring others.  I know they inspire me.  Keep it up Mama!  And keep us posted!!  - Carol

Norman Franklin on Youtube:   Hey Zack, I am a Digital Electronics technician. I will be happy to rig up something to help you train for the electronic shock obstacle of the tough mudder. All that I want in return is for you to use it while ya'll are during the show on youtube.  Great show! Ya'll keep up the good work!

I need to know if you are serious Norman.  We might just take you up on this.  LOL.  And when will I see your Tough Mudder registration??  Thanks for being a regular member of the community.  We would love to run with you.  - Carol


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Come join us on our journeys from Fat to Fit!  A show about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.