F2FHQ 093 - Real Results with Roger Dickerman

Do you want long term results?  Just breathe.  We can tinker and tweak and overwhelm ourselves to the point of total confusion.  Roger Dickerman chats with Carol about CarbNite, recovery and “gamefying” your fitness.  But best of all, Roger brings us back to basics.

Welcome to the Fat2Fit HQ podcast.  I’m your host, Carol Salva of the Firearms Radio Network.   In this podcast we are chronicling our journeys from Fat to Fit.  We talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life. Roger Dickerman of Relentless Fitness and Relentless Roger and the Caveman Doctor

Personal trainer and Transformation coach.  Co-owner of Relentless Fitness studio in Philadelphia, PA.  Authorpodcaster, speaker.  His work in six words: Real people, real results, real world.

Fat2Fit HQ Episode 12: Roger on Fat2Fit HQ in the early days. Relentless Nutrition Action PlanCarbNiteNate MyakiPaleo F(x) conferenceAncestral Health Symposium

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A Kokorelis, “Thank You” Five stars!  (Ana Kokorelis??)

Thank you Carol for this funny and informative podcast.  Your journey is similar to mine and it is good to know that I’m not alone.  You’re an inspiration.

Thank YOU Ana!  I appreciate the review and the Facebook Like of our page!  Our little show gets no real marketing so every like and share are very helpful.  I love your feedback because it really helps ME to feel like I’m not alone.  We are making our journey fun but it is still hard work and it is super fantastic to have a positive influence like you out there.  Eternally grateful for the itunes review!! - Carol

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FROM THE COMMUNITY:Petia via email My name is Petia and I have been following your work on fat2fitq.com since end of last year. I found your your podcast searching for low carb diets, I think. The first podcast I watch was with Dr. Ede. I then began my journey with nutritional ketosis.  I started nutritional ketosis at the end of November last year.  I felt very well initially, best of all the lack of hunger impressed me. However, the past few months have been struggling. Meaning I am not losing weight, I actually feel that I am gaining fat. And then I watched your podcast with Kieffer, he is great by the way, so much knowledge. Kieffer is a star. I read Carb night . My CN journey began three weeks ago and I am enjoying food I have not eaten for years. I am not sure if  it is working for me. I have been trying to pay attention to my protein intake. Also trying to change exercise routine into weight lifting, but it is hard without mentor. So, Carol, thank you for inspiring me, you seem so jolly , lovely and a good person. Thank you for reading this message. And keep letting us know about your progress. Have a great day! With much appreciation Petia

Thanks for writing back and forth with me Petia.  I think you're doing a fantastic job on your journey.  You just keep trying things and like Roger says in this podcast: just breathe.  We forget all the things we are doing right.  I have enjoyed our emails and hope we can continue to motivate each other.  Keep us posted on your journey!  - Carol

Brad Wolfram: I picked up you podcast from FRN and have listen to a few shows. Most recently your recap of Paleo in Austin (where I live), RC Patel and AJ. I am a 50 yr old 5 time marathoner who let himself get distracted by work and bad habits and am working on dropping another 20 lbs.  I listen to your shows on my long weekend walks.  I get out early while still dark during the week so i don't use ear buds then.  Enjoying your podcasts. I also join your FitBit gang!  Keep it up the high energy.  Kind regards, Brad

My reply via email:  Brad: Austin is a great town!  We should've done a F2FHQ meetup over the PaleoFX weekend.  Love Austin!  I'm in Galveston this weekend.  Daylight is breaking through so I'm about to head out for my podcast walk.  It's a kick to think someone is out there listening to me doing the same thing sometimes.  :)  Hey, congrats on your marathons!!  Impressive!  I did a 1/2 once & it about killed me.  Those Tough Mudders have a ton if stopping, sitting & eating along the way.  Not as hard to me.  Hey!  I bet we will do another one- you should join us!! Check out this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JzAKGpr_qJ4&sns=em

It's cool that you're out walking & knocking down that 20lbs. Keep it up!  we all get distracted by work.  Great that you're making time for yourself.  Thanks for listening Brad & thanks for the kind words.  Keep stepping!!  - Carol


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