F2FHQ 031 - Hoofymatch and Phillip's Paleo Story Interview

Carol interviews Phillip Williams, CTO of Hooftymatch.com.  Phillip’s own journey is inspiring as is the story of his company.  Be sure to listen in!  We can learn a lot from his business model and his new lifestyle.

Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. I’m your host, Carol Salva of Houston, Texas. I’m an educator, a mom and a fitness enthusiast and on THIS podcast, we chronicle our journeys from Fat to Fit.  We’ll talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.


Carol:  Will catch up next week with Jake and Zack.

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Phillip Williams is the CTO of a innovative company called Hooftymatch.  I contacted Phillip and soon found out that Phillip is a bit of a Paleo presence himself!  He has been featured on sites like Paleo Diet Lifestyle  and Paleo Digest.  So needless to say, I was thrilled that Phillip agreed to this interview about his business but also his life right now.

Check back for a youtube link of this podcast.




You can read Phillip’s story here but be sure to listen to him on the podcast to get the full picture!

Phillip’s Paleo Story:

“My journey into the paleo lifestyle started on January 13th when I watched The Perfect Human Diet on Amazon.

Prior to that I had never heard of this way of eating and to be honest I was blown away. I called my business partner, Jonathan Yale, and asked if he had ever heard of such a thing. It turned out that he was a bit more dialed in than I was and proceeded to tell me a little about this way of living.

My way of living for the past couple decades was not working. I have succeed in making the fast food chaines a bit wealthier with my vigilant detection and commitment to destroying all evidence of my former athletic body. I had grown to nearly 300lbs and was not slowing down. This had to end, but I was afraid. I was afraid I would loose the weight as I had a few times in the past. Most recently when I had reached my all time high of 250lbs. I lost 65lbs in 3 months and was feeling great. I was at the gym every day and ate like a bird, a very very small bird. That was the start of what continued to be a self-destructive cycle of loosing and then gaining back all, and more, of the weight.

I had developed a fear that if I was to go on a diet I would be hugely successful at lossing the weight; however, I knew I would not keep it off and the aspect of seeing the scale exceed 300lbs terrified me (and it still does)! I had to get some plan to continue after I lost at least the weight of my dog Austin, a beagle hound. Kinda of strange, I know, but it was my goal non-the-less. This is where I started thinking about the documentary and the narrator, C.J. Hunt, talking about Paleo being for life. This was something different.

It is that something different that made me take notice. I had the confidence to actually step foot in the gym, that I had been a member at (for over a year), for the first time. My mind was swimming with ideas of what my life would be like if I could loose some weight and how my health would improve. I am, by the way, a typical obese American with Hypertension, Type 2 Diabeties, and High Cholesterol. My dreams of loosing weight started to come out when the scale was displaying my steady weight loss. Even though I continued to eat a fair amount of food. This something different was GREAT! Now I need to learn where to take it next.

My journey is now approaching 3 months of transitioning to a healthy workout schedule and a more aggressive paleo diet. I have cut out all dairy, grains, and processed sugars (actually all processed anything). I have not completely moved to a full Paleo lifestyle but I am discovering, learning, experimenting, and exploring my options. I have dropped down to 246lbs and feel optimistic that I am ready to take the next step in my new lifestyle.



Update from TJ is on the website.  He is dropping weight and this is fun to watch!    TJ is all of us.  He is someone who is in the middle of a journey and we are so blessed that he is letting us follow along.   Take a minute to read his most recent posts and you will be further inspired.

Trevor in South Dakota wrote

I’m having fun listening to you three argue over what to eat and how to live.  But  in all of that I am learning and enjoying the ride.  I feel better cutting out the processed stuff.  Please tell Zack to stay away from gas station nachos.  And I have listened for a while now and I agree with Carol: you are a healthier person than you were last summer.  Keep it up Zack!

 Thank you Trevor.  I will tell him on next week’s show.  I am in agreement.  I have trouble staying away from hot bread but gas station nachos... not so much!  I’m with you... Zack is a rock star.- Carol

Next Show:

Recording from NRA show in Houston.  We will meet in the flesh... finally!  Can’t imagine what we will discuss but I have a feeling a trip to Olive Garden is on the agenda.


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