F2FHQ 099 - Ben Coomber on Finding Balance with Macros and Calories

Should we be trying to be so low carb?  I guess not.  Let's hear what Ben Coomber, a #1 rated health podcaster, has to say about the matter. We talk about our accents but also more serious things like what you can do to fix your intake for optimal fat loss and health.

Welcome to the Fat2Fit HQ podcast.  I’m your host, Carol Salva of the Firearms Radio Network.  In this podcast, we are chronicling our journeys from Fat to Fit.  We talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle, not only in diet but in all areas of life.

Ben Coomber: http://bencoomber.com Ben has an amazing podcast.  This is how he describes it: A full fat show on everything nutrition, food, human performance and being f**ing awesome, hopefully with a touch of humour. Ben Coomber is a performance nutritionist, coach, presenter and owner of Body Type Nutrition. Loves coffee, rugby, lifting heavy stuff and eating insane food. Past obesity statistic. Lives to find the extra 1%'s that make us better performing individuals, his co-host is the amazing Rachel Guy, the Athletic Fox.. . . . . . BOOM!

Ben addresses a question by Sandy Dumond.  She is very active, has lost a great deal of weight and is eating clean.  But Sandy has stalled out and can't get rid of her  "bingo wings" and "jelly belly."  Ben gives us things to think about regarding her current calorie amounts, where they should probably be and how to get there without gaining weight. Uncut Video:

Community News:

Carol News: Crazy happy about my progress with www.jeffrynutrition.com.   ** I said "nutritionist" on the show and I think Jef is more of a "nutrition coach."  Sorry!  I'm doing some Ultra Low Carb but not completely.  We are working to find my upper limits and I CAN have a cheeseburger!!  YAY!  Jef coaching me through al of it.  I'm  off sweeteners of any kind and dropping weight!   Seemed to be water weight initially but still losing. Nice progress so far.  I highly recommend you find a coach!!

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