F2FHQ 089 - Andrea "AJ" Jengle on Success for Women with Carb Nite and Carb Backloading

Many of us could use help applying cutting edge science to our everyday lives to meet our goals. Well, we are in luck!  Stress hacker and online personal trainer, Andrea "AJ" Jengle, is here with a female lens on Carb Nite and Carb Backloading.  But her advice applies to men as well.  She can speak from her own experience and as a trainer of women where she is having a lot of success with both protocols.   Listen in to hear how we can focus on our health so that things can really start to fall into place. Welcome to the Fat2Fit HQ podcast.  I’m your host, Carol Salva of the Firearms Radio Network.   In this podcast we are chronicling our journeys from Fat to Fit.  We talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.

Andrea “AJ” Jengle: http://www.herfitnesssolutions.com

Also follow Andrea as she is a regular guest with John Kiefer  and Dr. Rocky Patel on www.body.io


Andrea Jengle (AJ) is a personal trainer and owner of HER Fitness Solutions. HER Fitness Solutions offers personal, specialized online training for women.   AJ created Her Fitness Solutions to guide women to a goal of looking and feeling great and being able to achieve that in the healthiest way possible.  AJ has successfully incorporated John Kiefer's protocols, Carb Back-loading and The Carb Nite Solution, into her clients programs.  She has also utilized CBL and CNS to achieve her own fitness goals and get the physique she's always wanted.

For regular folks wanting to shed fat, (not performance athletes) do you think it’s insulin levels or ketosis that makes the difference?

How you work with women now?

What about people who think you’re genetically gifted?

Feedback from community:

Angela Neale:  So far this year I've been working to be fat adapted. I don't pee on pieces of paper (keto sticks) or check my blood ketone levels or anything like that, I've just been concerned with eating nutritious foods and eating pretty low carb/high fat. I've been doing well with that as far as my energy levels are and my performance while working out, and genereal well being throughout the day go. My issue is that I'm maintaining my weight/body fat and I would like to be losing inches and body fat.  Not excited about using low-nutrient/processed foods: Would starchy carbs (real foods that only need to be cooked to processed) work?

AJ had already addressed Angela’s questions in earlier conversation.  She can’t give specific advice without knowing more about Angela but she always suggests that folks do Carb Nite properly before moving on to Carb Backloading or giving up on Carb Nite.


body.io (John Kiefer's site) - May soon have a women's specific portal 

AJ’s You tube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/HERfitnessSolutions

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HERfitnesssolutions

Twitter - https://twitter.com/AndreaJengle

AJ’s Podcast with Kiefer on Body.io http://body.io/podcast-andrea-jengle/

Body.io Paleo Fx wrap up show with AJ, Dr. Patel, Kiefer and Jim Laird

Carb Back-loading: http://www.carbbackloading.com

Carb Nite: www.carbnite.com

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