F2FHQ 088 - Dr. Rocky Patel on CarbNite, CBL and Keeping Things Simple

Do you just want to look better, feel better and get into a smaller size jeans?   It isn't that complicated according to Rakesh Patel M.D., board certified family physician and co-host of the popular podcast body.io.  Dr. "Rocky" Patel joins us for some practical advice on getting leaner and healthier. Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast.  I’m your host, Carol Salva of the Firearms Radio Network.   In this podcast we are chronicling our journeys from Fat to Fit.  We talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.

TOPIC:  Dr. Rocky Patel

A Family Physician in Gilbert, Arizona.  His practice interests focus on the care for patients with Diabetes and for the prevention of Heart Attack and Strokes.  Dr. Rocky is also half of the popular podcast body.io.  He joins John Kiefer weekly to update the world on the latest scientific research regarding health and performance.   Dr. Patel is being called "pragmatic" and if you listen to Episode 88 of our show, you will probably agree.  Dr. Patel could tell you the latest research about Nutritional Ketosis and optimal millimole ranges but why??  He talks with us today about a much more practical approach if you just want to get lean and healthy.

Podcaster with John Kiefer at body.io

on Twitter @drrcpatel

Dr. Patel's Medical Practice: www.arizonasunfamilymedicine.com


Dr. Richard Maurer, author of The Blood Code


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FROM THE COMMUNITY Brandon: have a question about Carb nite.. I was on my second carb nite, about 2.5 weeks into the diet when i noticed my strength dropped off like crazy and i became lathargic. I lost 10 pounds which I'm assuming is water and junk, but what gives. I had to eat. I want to do the diet but man i was weak. My weight is 220lbs, my macros were 200g Protien 120G fat, and less than 20 of carbs. What do i need to do?? pleas help. Thanks Brandon

Dr. Patel addresses Brandon's question with some things to consider including perhaps increasing fat and decreasing protein but, as always, we can't advise anyone about their particular situation so this comment was given as something to perhaps try.  He also talked about how some individuals are perhaps training too much which would be another factor to perhaps tweak.  Listen in to hear more on this.

ITUNES REVIEW (THANK YOU!!!) From Tindercd, (Chris Tinder) 5 stars, Keep it Up! Carol is so real. She makes you feel like you are not alone. Thanks Chris!  You are certainly not alone.  I appreciate your continued participation in the show.  I've learned a lot from you and this community.  Thank you so much for the review AND for the IF tips!!  :)   - Carol

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