F2FHQ - 073 Dion Denton, Our Fat2Fit-bitter Champ

Dion Denton, the reigning Fat2Fit-bitter Champion for the month of December.  Whilst many of us were kicking back and relaxing a bit over the holidays, Dion up’d his game and logged an impressive 467,283 steps in the month of December.  More than anyone else in our Fat2Fit-bitter group!  Dion also has a VERY impressive story of weight loss and commitment to health.

Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. I’m your host, Carol Salva of the Firearms Radio Network.   In this podcast we are chronicling our journeys from Fat to Fit.  We talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.

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Dion’s Story

Dion is a key member of our Fitbit community.  Dion contacted us in the summer of 2013 to ask if we would consider starting a Fat2Fit-bitter group online.  (The devices load your activity to a website and you can compete with others for steps.  It is quite fun! www.fitbit.com)

We soon learned that Dion had lost about 70 pounds over a year prior and was now just working hard to maintain the same weight.   He lost his weight by counting calories and exercise.  Back then he used the www.myfitnesspal.com app (free) and a Fitbit to keep himself honest about how much he moved throughout the day.  Dion went from 245 to 174 in 6 months. In that time, he only went over his daily calorie goal 3 times. It is important to know that Dion was in a 6 month weight loss competition with friends.  We admire him and his friends for banding together to get to a healthier place and figuring out how to make it fun and work with their competitive natures.

Dion learned a lot during his “Biggest Loser” style competition.  While he did everything he could to cut calories and lose weight (including not gaining muscle!) he has a different approach now.  Dion doesn’t count calories any longer.  He is still aware of what foods have what caloric value but also takes types of food and nutrition into consideration.  He talks to us this week about how his Fitbit is still a great motivator and his high level of activity is one of the keys to his success.

And let's not forget that his family owns and awesome pizza place, Big Ed's Pizza in Hunstville, AL!  Dion is there ALL the time and he has STILL kept the weight off!  Amazing!

So many of us are grateful for our community and we are indebted to Dion for starting the Fitbit group that has grown to many members who enjoy competing against and and encouraging one other.

“It's always nice to get a little bit of encouragement, even if its a complete stranger. Every little bit helps.” - Dion


We also talk about the following:

Relentless Roger’s Action Plan!

Jonathan Bailor’s Calorie Myth Book

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - A great, inspiring, funny documentary about juicing.  You'll learn a lot!

Our January Juice Fast  is set for Jan 5th!  Join us on Facebook for juicing support!

Author Oliver Michaels (wrote best selling juice detox books and he's Paleo!)

Paleo Juicer (blog sent to us by Andrew Delvard to further show that you can juice and STILL get along with Paleo folks!)

Congratulations Mr & Mrs. Burdine!!

Afitveg, our buddy on Myfitnesspal:

Hey Carol!! I fit into my dream gown!!! The wedding was perfect then a honeymoon in Vegas. It's pretty much a food capital we ate some delicious food but kept up with our moments in the gym ;). Getting back on track slowly but surely. With three girls that love to bake lol. My weakness is homemade chex mix. ! We are looking for a good new year... after being a single mom for 5 years I am so happy to have found a man with integrity who rocks! He and I are full time students... I'm at Texas Woman's University studying Family Sciences and will begin my studies at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition! I'm hoping to open a health coaching business aimed to helping families in the future! I love how involved you are in your community with the running clubs and teaching parents so pass any words of wisdom ;).

Well, Mrs. Burdine, you are off to a GREAT start in your new career!  You’ll be an awesome coach.  Thanks so much for being so involved on myfitnesspal.  It is wonderful to communicate with you all these months and then see you reach such a special goal.  Congratulations on the wedding and all your wonderful plans!  As for words of wisdom:  my only advice is to acknowledge that most parents are doing the best they know how and find ways to help them be proud of whatever they ARE doing healthy for their kiddos while you gently guide them to better choices.  Being a mom, I know you realize what a challenge it all is.  We want health kids and if you can help us make it a little less overwhelming - you’re doing something very important in the world.  Keep up the great work and do keep us posted!  - Carol


Joyce Heinrich: I want to complete the Whole 30...with a long term goal of making it my regular eating plan.  I need to get tough with myself and not give in to the cookies and snacks at work or in the stores when I am hungry.  My main goal is to feel better, but losing weight comes in as a close second.  We need to all stick together, share recipes, share our ups and downs and be there with encouraging words when needed.  United we win ( and succeed)  divided we fall.

YOU are so RIGHT Joyce!!  Thank you so much for always being so encouraging on Facebook and with your great feedback.  I hope you are having a great Whole30!  I am currently STARVING on my first day of my 3 day juice fast but I know it will get better.  :)  

I appreciate you and wish you all the best in reaching your great goals!! Thanks for sharing - Carol

Michelle Gabavics: My Goals for 2014 are getting more consistent sleep, drinking more water so I am properly hydrated and I joined a gym so I am going to release 1-2 lbs a week by going at least 3 times a week at trying to meet my daily goal of 5000 steps a day.  I have a body media band from a friend & just started using it on Sat 12-28-13 and will be taking measurements, pictures & doing a weigh in but the scale will not be the main measuring tool.  I am going to start doing intermittent fasting at least one day a week.  I am going to eat cleaner & use the 80/20 rule that Abel James uses & I pre-ordered Jonathon Bailor's new book & loved hearing the podcast!  Also giving up diet soda, will have coffee instead & if I want a soda I am going to allow myself to have a little can of regular soda like the 100 calorie cans... doing more 5K's this year...getting stronger & starting to run...determined to do a color run ...starting new challenges on the Fitness with Friends group starting Jan 1 also.  Keep up the great work & I am listening to the show right about goals so it was great to hear from Caroline & Sherry!  I may start the new year with a juice fast if I can borrow a juicer from someone or can find healthy juices at a local store.

WOW, Michelle!  You are being so ambitious!  I’m so proud of how you have just taken your fitness and your plans to a COMPLETELY different place this year!  Thanks for all the interaction on facebook and for keeping us updated on your wonderful plans.  I can tell that you are going to try all of these things and find the ones that are of most value and most enjoyable for you.  Youre very inspiring!  Keep it up girl!! - Carol


Watch Caroline’s Tough Mudder Journey:  http://youtu.be/gQ-DhvWBYOI

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Shoes that are great for Tough Mudder: http://www.6pm.com/vivobarefoot-breatho-trail-l-light-grey-dark-blue



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www.myfitnesspal.com/zekestout (from Talking Lead podcast)

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