F2FHQ 035 - Vacation Strategies and Patience


Vacation Strategies, psychological hurdles and lifestyle changes.  Tune in to get caught up on Zack and Jake’s progress.  Who is winning the weight loss challenge and how are they doing it??

Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. I’m your host, Zack Carlson of Gunguy Radio and along with me is your other host, Carol Salva an educator and fitness enthusiast from Houston, Tx.  And here we chronicle our journeys from Fat to Fit.  We talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.


Recap Challenge.

Zack: Started tracking via Lose It, vacation was tough as I wanted to eat everything.

Carol: Up and down but still up in weight.  Had some parties and then the holiday.  Need to start tracking again just to get a gage.  www.sparkpeople.com


Jake: 217

Zack: 261.2  I’m winning so far.. but its neck and neck

Carol: 123.8  (still up 2.3 lbs  - going the wrong way)

TOPIC:   Our vacation eating strategies.  Zack and Carol both had big Memorial Day outings that involved several days away from home.  They share proud moments of staying true to a healthy lifestyle.  And what about those cheat meals??

We also referenced:

PINTEREST!!  Check us out.  We are forever indebted to Jenny Challand for her amazing effort.  We are all eating healthier, tastier dishes because of it!

TIP of the Week:  Too many carbs = weight gain but calories DO matter.  MOVE!!  Journal/track your intake and learn about yourself.  Have you gotten past that first hurdle - the “psychological hurdle?”


Ashley from Idaho is writing in a BUNCH of awesome feedback about Zack’s healthy changes.  The entire listening community of Fat2Fit HQ wants to formally thank Ashley!  She is making a difference!

Stacy from Montana:  Highlights from our chatty emails are below.  Stacy found the Fat2Fit HQ podcast show after losing 113 lbs on Weight Watchers.  She had started to try to eat clean and so our Paleo & Wheat Belly discussions were interesting.  She didn’t give up wheat but is eating foods with only a few ingredients (5-7) and lost another 6 lbs!   YAY Stacy!!  From some of her emails:    “And I so agree with you about maintenance being tough.  I remember sitting in my Weight Watcher meetings listening to Lifetime members sharing their struggles and thinking, "really, how hard could it be?"  Well, now I know!  I have been overweight (obese, morbidly obese) all my life so I know how to lose weight, but the maintaining part is all new territory for me.  I've been at goal for three years, but it's a constant struggle.  I even went from counting Points (the WW program) to counting calories because I found that worked better for me.  So I attend the WW meetings for support and accountability, but I track my calories (using MyFitnessPal).  And now try to eat "cleaner."  It's been baby steps for me, but has brought me results that work for me.”*** NOTE:  It took Stacy 6 years to lose the 100 pounds.  “I had lost 80, gained 30 back, struggled with keeping 50 off, then bounced around the same weight for about two years, before finally getting the weight off again.  It was a long struggle, but I never gave.  I kept going to meetings and keep working at it.  I think of those 6 years as a learning experience.  I learned what did and did not work for me, I learned patience, and I learned a lot about myself.  And found out I was not only capable of losing the weight, but pushing myself in ways I never would have dreamed possible.  I went from being a total couch potato to running half marathons.  And I could never had done that if I hadn't lost the weight and learned it's okay to push myself out of my comfort zone to try new things.”

I know I told you in emails, but your feedback is so valuable, Stacy.  I know you have already inspired so many and we are so grateful that you are sharing to inspire us also!  I know Jake loved your gardening progress.  He is such a hippie!  Keep it up, Stacy.  We look forward to hearing more from you!

- Carol

Sammy's conversation with Zack was shared.

BIG SHOUT OUT to Sammy! Thank you Sammy for what all you shared with Zack recently about your success.  30lbs in 6 months!!  Great job!  Sammy was nice enough to come to the Meet & Greet and started listening to our show after meeting Carol.  We LOVE our crossover listeners.  Thanks so much for supporting the network, Sammy.  We are so impressed with the DVD workout you are doing 6 times a week.  You are absolutely right that seeing "real people" working out makes it seem a lot more doable.  You're doing great things for yourself.  Keep it up and thanks so much for sharing that. We know you will be inspiring others. 


Mark Mealy:  I have been working on getting Mark as a guest on the show ever since he first liked our Facebook page a few months back.  He struggled his entire life as a Type 1 Diabetic and finally found the right combination of foods.  Mark has unlocked the secret to his own health.  Read his story here.   This story was written back in Oct of 2003 and updated in mid 2011 when Steve Cooksey feature it on his Diabetes-Warrior.net blog. http://www.diabetes-warrior.net/2011/08/30/on-your-mark-get-set-paleo/  I do not consider what I do a diet. I consider it a lifestyle.

Mark, thanks for sharing your story.  You have helped people close to me and  I know your story continues to  help so many more that are learning to heal themselves with nutrition.  I will continue to harass you until you come on the show... just sayin'.

Keep being awesome!


Kevin from Facebook:   Just watched the documentary Hungry for Change. It is really really good, it talks about nutrition and how today's food doesn't have any. I have always had trouble with my weight and have started to juice vegetables and feel a lot better. I have been listening to the fat2fit podcast since the start and have learned a lot from the show. Loved the interview with the guy who said he doesn't eat anything with a nutrition label. (Abel James?) That is what I'm striving to do. Just wanted to let you know about this really good documentary if you haven't heard about it already. It is on Netflix, it would be a good one to talk about on the podcast. Love the podcast keep up the good work. I have set a goal for myself to be healthier by the time I turn 40 which is just under 2 years, I want to to be 100+ pounds less by then, thanks again.  (Carol wrote him a bunch of THANK YOUs and questions!  Told him we would start with the documentary Food Matters as it is the same folks, but this documentary came first and is on Amazon prime and Netflix for free).  Kevin: I will definitely check out Food Matters. I had watched Fat, Sick, and nearly dead about 9 months ago or so and that is what got me thinking about starting to change. I started out listening to Gun guys podcast and then heard about there fat 2 fit podcast and decided to check that out. Really enjoyed the show with Dean Dwyer, I ordered Make Shift happen because I knew if I want this to stay with me I need to change the way I think also. A coworker saw the book at work and he ordered a copy also. So please do keep up the great work, you definitely are helping people and are a source of motivation. Thanks, Kevin.

I love Joe Cross and all the good work he is doing. Zack and I both agree that  his documentary makes you want  to buy a juicer.  Vegetables are important!  Hungry for Change IS a great flick and we hope to review it soon.  I truly loved your email because you have found that motivation to get to a different place.  That is so hard for  many.  Your feedback here is sure to help others make a positive change also!  


To ALL the Facebook contributors:  THANK YOU!  You are really helping to motivate others and I know, well I hope, it is a positive thing for you as well.  

Next Show:

Review of Food Matters.

Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009FIMVKA

Netflix:  http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Food_Matters/70123196?locale=en-US


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