F2FHQ 034 - Getting Healthy with Megan Holly of White Raven Communications

Want to have it all??  Just believe that you do!  Carol interviews Megan Holly, owner and President of White Raven Communications.  We can all take a lesson from Megan’s positive outlook on life, her drive, her enthusiasm and her no nonsense approach to living life to the fullest.  Guys: listen closely to some clues about how we women think and ladies, don’t miss this shot of pure motivation and affirmation!

Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. I’m your host, Carol Salva.  I’m an educator and fitness enthusiast from Houston, Texas, and here we chronicle our journeys from Fat to Fit.  We’ll talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.


Interview with Megan Holly of  White Raven Communications

Jacob’s Ladder

Megan mentions that she makes this Mexican Lasagna that is definitely worth a try!  Check it out on our Recipe page!

Next Show:

Back with Zack!  We check in on the guys’ progress!  Who is winning the bald-head weight loss challenge?


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Come join us on our journeys from Fat to Fit!  A show about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.