F2FHQ 033 - Zack vs. Jake Throw Down - The Anniversary Show


Carol, Jake and Zack look back over a year of Fat2FitHQ.  Zack challenges Jake to a weight loss contest.  We have learned a lot in a year:  Fundamentals of healthy weight loss and diet are reviewed.

Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. I’m your host, Jake Challand and this is Zack Carlson of Gunguy radio. Along with us is Carol Salva, an educator and fitness enthusiast from Houston, Texas, and here we chronicle our journeys from Fat to Fit.  We’ll talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.


We got to meet each other at the NRA show.  It was A LOT of fun!  We all went off our eating plans a bit.  Carol went on vacation but found a Paleo approach was very easy to do at an All-Inclusive resort.  Zack’s not feeling very healthy and is ready to make some major changes.


Jake: 221

Zack:  267.3

Carol: 121.5

TOPIC:  Zack has a new plan!  Anniversary show!!  Listen in so you can hear the exciting changes the guys are going to make.  We also decide on what the winner of the challenge gets... It’s a great show!

We referenced:

FIRST SHOW! http://www.fat2fithq.com/001/

Our new year’s motivation show: http://www.fat2fithq.com/022/

Dean Dwyer to make change in your life:  www.deandwyer.com

EASY Egg cooker (you can find the 7 egg cooker cheaper, this one does 10): http://www.cuisinart.com/products/specialty_appliances/cec-10.html

Where to start??  http://www.fatburningman.com/chris-the-kiwi-ashenden/

Documenting/logging your food: www.myfitnesspal.com

Relentless Roger & the Caveman Dr. podast: http://relentlessroger.com/category/rrcd-podcast/

TIP of the Week:  Motivational Currency (podcast and other things that keep you motivated!)


FACEBOOK:  TJ Gauthier has lost another 4 lbs after being stuck for a while, realized he hasn’t had sugar or sweeteners in a few days - pretty good feeling.  Tell Zack to just get the salad spinner. The one I got from Walmart was about 15 dollars and its is so great. It keeps the lettuce fresh and crisp for longer. He also recommends macadamia nuts which he got from Relentless Roger & The Caveman Dr.   They tame hunger but you have to be careful, though, that you don't eat a ton of them. So if you're a snacker, they may not be the best idea.  Writing up some stuff for the website.

GO TJ!!  Thanks for the motivation last week!


Vanessa in Toronto wrote in:  Why don’t you guys weigh in anymore?  Or some type of measure?  It was motivating for me to see your progress and I felt better about my efforts if you had setbacks.

How ironic Vanessa!  You’ll get to see those weigh-ins again for at least 8 weeks! Thanks!


Jenny and Angie on FB made lots of comments about the canning of stuff.  Canned green beans.  Need to try these things.

I am inspired to try to can some stuff.  Thanks ladies!



Megan Holly from White Raven Communications


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