F2FHQ 024 - Zack's Return and Farmageddon


Zack is back!  Jake and Carol review the movie Farmageddon and everyone gets caught up on Zack’s journey. Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. I’m your host Jake Challand and this is your co-host Zack Carlson from GunGuyRadio, along with Carol Salva from Houston, Texas, and here we plan to chronicle our journeys from Fat to Fit.  We’ll talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.

Weigh in:

Carol Starting weight 145, 5’1” Currently 121.4lbs

Jake Starting 228 lbs. 6’1” Currently 218 lbs

Zack Starting 278.2  5’11” Currently 259lbs

Topic: Farmageddon Free on Netflix

Listen to the podcast to get an overview of this documentary.  Gives us a lot to think about when we consider options for getting healthier.

Special Guest next month: Dean Dwyer will be joining us in March.  We will record on March 13th (podcast release of March 15th).  Please send us your questions for Dean.   You can listen to Dean on the very popular "Make Shift Happen" podcast and he is also the author of the book Make Shift Happen.  He is not exclusively about diet but you can check out his www.beingprimal.com page which is about loosing weight by tapping into the power of your mind.  He is seriously worth checking out.  We are going to pick his brain about how to make shift happen in our lives.  We will probably focus on diet but check out his webpage and send any questions you have about any of his stuff.

FEEDBACK: We had two listeners who shared significant change with us.  Click on the links below to benefit from where they are on their journeys:

Martha Martinez from Houston, Texas:  Martha decided to try a 5 day juice fast.  Read about all she learned here: Community Sharing - Juicing.  It is great to get into Martha’s head for this huge task and go through her week with her.  She has great tips and lessons learned!  Thank you so much Martha!

Elaine & Brian Beebe from Bellville, Texas: So Elaine & her husband decided to go full-bore, hard core Paleo with the new year.  Elaine shares that it was really hard at first but her payoffs now are HUGE and well worth it.  Be inspired by Elaine and Brian here: Community Sharing - Paleo.  In just a couple of paragraphs, Elaine will have you convinced that we can all find a few days of determination to get to a happier,  healthier way of eating. Thanks Elaine!  We will keep trying!

What are we watching next?  (To be reviewed in late March after the Dean Dwyer episode)

How To Live Forever - Netflix

How To Live Forever - Amazon.com



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Come join us on our journeys from Fat to Fit!  A show about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.