F2FHQ 021 - Wheat Belly Part 2

Jake fills you in with what he learned in the 2nd half of the book Wheat Belly.  He also outlines the future of Fat 2 Fit HQ. Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. This Jake from GunGuyRadio and here we plan to chronicle our journeys from fat to fit.  We’ll talk about pursuing a healthier lifestyle not only in diet, but in all areas of life.

Wheat Belly Experiment: Jake: Have not gained any weight like I thought I may.  Holding steady at 210 not too bad for 6’ 1”  I don’t look overweight.  Still need to lose 20lbs. Cutting grain out is easier than full blown Paleo. Still like Paleo, need more money to make it work.

Topics: Wheat Belly - Part 2 or 2nd half of the book

  • Definitely a must read!
  • Wheat messes with the body's PH level
  • Wheat /grains only plant we eat that produces sulfuric acid.
  • Increased wheat gluten intake cause body to steal calcium from bones at an increased rate.
  • Young heart patient eliminated wheat and shortness of breath and joint pain went away.
  • Seems like if nothing else this books gives a ton of real world examples of sickly people eliminating wheat and having their symptoms go away.
  • Diabetes accelerates aging?

Has anyone tried einkorn wheat? Send feedback to - jake@gunguyradio.com Eating ancient Wheat @ Life after Carbs blog

Wheat Belly

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Listener Feedback: Hello Hank, Zack and Jake, Wait, where is Hank. Are either of you keeping a food diary? I am and every time I binge and have to enter it in the diary I am acutely aware of how bad I did. It provides motivation to get back on the wagon. How do you remember everything you eat on a binge; take pictures of what you eat with your smart phone so you can be precise.

I am down 72 lbs (start Feb 2012) to 176lbs.

Doesn't wheat belly bring you back to paleo; all organic, non-processed, no chemical additives?

Romaine lettuce makes a good substitute for bread in many instances; hamburgers, hot dogs, tuna, etc. Wrap the meat in the leaf and add your condiments. I make vegetables palatable by frying them in bacon-fat; even cabbage is great.

good luck


Thought this might be interesting to you considering the latest F2F topic: http://www.naturalnews.com/037170_GM_wheat_liver_failure_GMO.html

This is quite the alarmist page pointing out a lot of observations about the human genome, which is fully sequenced and portions of the wheat genome, which is 3 times as complex as the human genome and is not yet mapped or sequenced. The similarities pointed out by the article may or may not exist, but there is certainly no proof that they have any effect, good or bad, on humans. Read down near the bottom the note they had to add after the initial publication: There are currently no commercially produced GMO wheat varieties anywhere in the world. They are being tested and researched by companies, but NONE ARE IN THE CURRENT FOOD SUPPLY….. Interesting.

Current wheat varieties are hybrids of the best varieties of wheat. They may be combined in the lab, yes, but the same results could theoretically eventually be reached in the field through selective cross breeding. Making these combinations in the lab ensures the characteristics desired are attained without variability or risk of traditional methods, and brings the hybrids to the market exponentially faster. This results in a cheap, readily available, and RELIABLE food supply. Without selective breeding and GMO technology imagine what the cost of food would be right now, much less the status of the overall supply. This year we had a drought year that was compared to conditions in the 30’s, the dustbowl era, yet crop production was the 8th highest of all years on record.

We have been eating GMO soybeans and corn for many years and I still haven’t grown a tail. Roundup Ready soybeans, the first GMO, were introduced in 1996, 14 years of commercial production. The first Roundup Ready corn was introduced in 1998 so 12 years of production. And if you think Cargill and Monsanto aren’t doing extensive testing on these varieties to ensure their safety you are crazy. If their technology could be conclusively proven to cause disease you can imagine the repercussions that would be leveled against them. Developments in our food technology has let us become the modern civilization we are today. Eating more than you need is no one’s fault but your own.

That’s my 2 cents and some facts. Nathan Chaney

Richard Jensen Endless  enchiladas at On the Border. :) They're back and I was really tempted to go. Luckily my wife has been doing really well on maintaining her weight through weight watchers and so we don't indulge my cravings that often.



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