F2FHQ 020 - Wheat Belly Part 1

This week Jake gives us a rundown on Wheat Belly the book and what to do about Wheat. Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. This is Zack and Jake from GunGuyRadio and here we plan to chronicle our journeys from fat to fit.

Week in Review Weigh In BEGINNING: Zack 278.2, Jake 228 LAST WEEK: Zack 258 Jake 211

This week: Zack - forgot to weigh in Jake -

Topics: Wheat Belly initial impressions by Jake.

Wheat Belly


Hey Jake & Zack,

Thank you for turning me on to Relentless Roger & the Caveman doctor. Between your podcasts & theirs, I'm about 90% Paleo & loving it. In 2009 I was 40 years old & 145lbs. Im only 5ft 1in and I was NOT carrying it well.  I joined the Y & worked out like a maniac. I went to low fat/low calorie diet & I lost 30 lbs in 6 months. The best thing about that experience was that I learned to eat clean & get active. I was even a success story in a local magazine.  (Link below) That was great but as soon as I stopped doing hours of cardio & keeping my calories super low, I'd gain a few lbs. It started to get miserable. Then I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Started doing juice fasts. That worked well but the pounds came back between fasts. Best take away from that:  micro-nutrients are super important. When I found you guys I was still struggling to keep calories & fat low. But I followed along with you & have been experimenting with Paleo all summer. I love it!! I'm like Jake - 90%. But I can eat way more food, workout way less & maintain my weight. I hover around 122 & I'm somewhat satisfied with that. I stopped distance running & doing hours of cardio after listening to Roger's podcast. I do sprints, heavy lifting & occasional boot camp classes.  I've been at it for several months & I'm pretty dang happy. Every once in a while I do too much non-Paleo eating & lbs reappear quickly.  Intermittent fasting has been great to shed a few lbs & get back on track.  Tons of other health benefits with IF.  Look into it. Just wanted to say thanks & keep the podcasts coming. You're both very inspiring & lots of fun.

Carol in Houston