F2FHQ 019 - On the Road Again and Facing Failures

This week we talk about failures on the road and other musings about changing your life. Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. This is Zack and Jake from GunGuyRadio and here we plan to chronicle our journeys from fat to fit.

Week in Review Weigh In BEGINNING: Zack 278.2, Jake 228 LAST WEEK: Zack 250.2, Jake 210

This week: Zack - 258 boo hoo Jake - 211 up just a tad

Topics:  How to deal with failure!

Goal setting for the dirty 30 age.

Bacon Method


Nathan writes:  Hi Zack & Jake,

First I'll say I am not trying to lose weight, but I still enjoy listening to your podcast because it's full of useful suggestions and ideas for maintaining a healthy weight. I have lived most of my life maintaining (sometimes just trying to maintain) a low sodium diet. I think this has generally served me well mainly because it steered me away from a lot of pre-processed/prepared foods like microwave dinners, canned soup, etc. It's interesting when you look at what a lot of Europeans eat and their "average" physique. I spent a lot of time in France, Ireland, England, and Scotland, a little time in Germany and observed they eat a lot! The main difference I have noticed between their "a lot" and our a lot is the amount of processing in their food, almost none. Anyway, take that for what it's worth.

That nicely transitions into my second comment which is about traveling and eating right. It's true, it's very difficult, but you can do it. One thing I have done in the past is go to the grocery store if you are going to be in one place more than a week. That way you can fix what you want for at least lunch and breakfast and it'll be healthier than eating out all the time. A lot of times on the road I end up skipping lunch too, which usually isn't on purpose, but that's the way it goes. If you aren't going to be in one place so you can go to the store, it's about making the right choice when you go out. If you get stuck going somewhere you don't know what they have take extra time to look over the menu and figure something out for whatever diet you happen to be on. It's OK to ask questions (especially if the menu isn't in English). Breakfast is the easiest to control so do good when you can, when it's easy. That's about all I got, it can be done!

Oh yea, Zack, in regards to eggs, I found a sweet egg cooker that you CAN just turn on and walk away from to get hard boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs, automatically. Here is a link, we got one for a wedding present and it's awesome! You can put the eggs scrambled up in the little poaching tray and you will have a block of eggs, just cut them up like you like.


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