F2FHQ 002 - Fat2Fit in the iPhone generation

This week we talk about the iPhone apps to help get you Fat2Fit. We also drop the HGC bombshell and give updates on our progress in our journeys. Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. We are Zack and Jake from Gun Guy Radio and here we plan to chronicle our journeys from fat to fit. Listen and join us on our journey.

Week in Review

Weigh In- Zack- 275.9 44.2%  Down 2.3 lbs 5/19 Jake- 223.2 4.8lbs so far 5/17

HCG- The big change-up Explain about the HCG change and what I plan on doing.

iPhone Apps- Talk about how the iPhone/iPod has really changed the way we look at fitness.



  • Monday walked on treadmill. Also used laser training gun while on treadmill.
  • Using fit-bit to track activity, seeing less steps because of desk job.


  • Gardening/Shooting



  • Papa John’s Pizza 410 calories per slice.. yikes


  • Using Lose It to track nutrition
  • Eating more salads.
  • No pop (quote Pepsi stats here)