F2FHQ 001 - How did we become so Fat? Our plans for change

Welcome to the Fat2FitHQ podcast. I’m Zack and here we’ll be chronicling my hopefully incredible journey from Fat to Fit. Along for this ride is Jake with his own plan. You may know us from GunGuyRadio or the Top Shot podcast. Sit back and prepare to be motivated. Introduction of our stories...

Zack- Basically I  go through how I got this way..

Jake- I’m 228 lbs. 6’1”  Feel too fat in my stomach, man boobs, and fat face.  Real lack of energy.  Feel healthy weight would be 190lbs. with muscle.

Exercise Plans-

Zack- FitShot program , explain what that is and why it interests me.

Jake- Walking and Running in the mornings.  More walks with the family.  Running Book-Amazon

Nutrition Plans-



  • Count calories with itunes apps.  LoseIt! Iphone App
  • But still be sure to eat enough so that I’m not hungry all the time.  Less junk food, less pop, less greasy stuff.
  • Lots of healthy snacks in between.

Plans for the podcast-


  • Weekly podcast explaining where we are at with our journeys.
  • Not a long show, want it basically a weekly motivator.
  • Weigh in’s to keep us accountable
  • Talk about challenges we had through the week.
  • Baseline FitShot workout benchmarks every week.
  • Build a community.


  • It’s all about behaviour, (comparing this to getting out of debt.) Problem isn’t that I’m fat.
  • It’s definitely going to be a journey, we are going to have setbacks, but let’s make sure we take many more steps forward than we do backwards.
  • Have you wanted to lose weight or just feel better and have more energy, now is the time to start. Join us on this journey of weight loss, healthy living, and pursuing a more balanced life.


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  • Tell all your friends so maybe we can all get motivated together!
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