CMP 014 - Altered Mental Status

Last week we talked about tourniquets.

This week lets talk about altered mental status patients.

Make the scene safe.

Lets talk about them in detail and treatment.


  • Infection

    • Sepsis

  • Strokes

    • Clot

    • Bleed

  • Trauma

  • Medications

    • Over the counter

    • Illegal

      • Opioates (Narcan)

        • Recent video of guy shooting people after Narcan

  • Seizures

    • Grand Mal - Body Shakes all over

    • Petit Mal “Absence Seizures” - Patient seems disconnected

    • Febrile - Infants with a fever

  • Low/High Blood Sugar

    • Low sudden onset

    • High gradual onset

  • Dementia

Video of the week:

Guy shoots fire figher after Narcan

  • Give enough to help their breathing … don’t wake them up

  • Check for weapons

Product of the Week

TX2 and TX3 Tourniquets

Fast Facts:

  • Ratcheting mechanism makes for faster and easier application than a windlass

  • Wide width options to allow for faster control and better patient comfort

  • Ideal for rural EMS services, Civilians and the Military

  • Includes a self-locking system


Webbing width: 2 inches (50.8 mm)

Webbing length: 39 inches (990.6 mm)

TX 3

Webbing width: 3 inches (76.2 mm)

Webbing length: 39 inches (990.6 mm)

Note from Patrick S!