CMP 013 - All About Tourniquets

Lets talk tourniquets!!

Tourniquets are used to stop major bleeding in the arms or legs.

Blood that can’t be controlled with direct pressure

2” - 3” about the wound / high and tight

2 hours with no problem … could be longer


You really need a windlass

More than likely you are making a pressure bandage


Until recently, the CoTCCC recommended three tourniquets for combat use: the North American Rescue C-A-T, the Tactical Medical Solutions SOFTT-W, and the Delfi Medical Innovations EMT.

Current TCCC Recommended List:

  • Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) Gen 7 and Gen 6

  • Ratcheting Medical Tourniquet -Tactical (RMT-T)

  • SAM Extremity Tourniquet (SAM-XT)

  • SOF Tactical Tourniquet – Wide (SOFTT-W)

  • Tactical Mechanical Tourniquet (TMT)

  • TX2” Tourniquet (TX2) and TX3” Tourniquet (TX3)

Others on the market

  • RATS

  • TK4

  • SWAT-T

  • Recon

  • Kids Tq

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