CMP 009 - Range Kits and more!

You are more likely to use your first aid skills over your firearms skills.

May is National Stop the Bleed month

What supplies should you carry at the range?

  • Tourniquet

    • If you budget allows carry two.

    • Discuss different TQs

  • Gauze

    • Hemostatics

    • Compressed Gauze

    • Rolled Gauze

    • No tampon … unless you’re a girl hahah

  • Pressure Bandage

    • Discuss different ones

    • Uses

  • Possible carry an NPA

  • Chest Seals

    • Seal the box

    • Discuss different ones

  • Mylar Blanket

  • Trauma Shears??

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Future episodes … car kits, home kits, others

Next week Fractures!

Product of the week:


Skinny Medic Essentials Kit

  • Complete Trauma Kit

  • Has everything we just talked about

  • No real expiration date

  • Under $100

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