CMP 005 - Evacuation / Respiration

REFRESH: What does march stand for, the other phases of care

Third Phase of Care: tactical evacuation care

The final phase of care under TECC is called “Evacuation Care.” During this phase of care, an effort is being made to move the casualty toward a definitive treatment facility. Most additional interventions during this phase of care are similar to those performed during normal EMS operations.  However, major emphasis is placed on reassessment of interventions and hypothermia management.

Types of drags and carries

Triage patients

Vital Signs including pulse Ox

Training accident or not it is going to get treated like a crime scene. Maybe transport patient to ER or closer to the road.

There is where some times it is called MARCH-E



Vented vs non-vented chest seals

No wound packing

holes in chest must be greater than 2/3 trachea for “sucking chest wound”

Decompression Needle - medics only

Civilianmedical for a 10% at medical gear outfitters