CMP 004 - Indirect Threat / Airway


SECOND PHASE OF CARE - Indirect Threat or Tactical Field Care

a. Indirect Threat - care rendered once the responder and casualties are no longer under effective hostile fire or environment . Available medical equipment is still limited. Time to evacuation may vary from minutes to hours.

b. The Management Care Plan for Tactical Field Care begins with disarming any casualty with an altered mental status. Armed casualties pose a significant risk to others in their unit if they employ their weapons inappropriately. In the combat setting, altered mental status may be caused by traumatic brain injury, shock, or medications. Then, the MARCH algorithm is used. (1) M- Massive Hemorrhage Assessment.
(2) A-Airway Assessment.
(3) R-Respiratory Trauma Assessment.
(4) C-Circulatory Assessment.
(5) H-Head Trauma Assessment and Hypothermia Assessment.


  • Positions

Head tilt chin lift

Jaw Thrust

  • Adjuncts



  • Suction

Suction device

Log Roll

  • Recovery Position

  • Advanced choices would be a surgical airway


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