CMP 003 - Direct Threat / Massive Bleeding

Direct Threat - “Care Under Fire”

Controlling major bleeding
Doing medicine in bad places

Put on a TQ and then re-evaluation after the fight

Self Aid

Massive Bleeding

TQ are for arms/legs and wound packing for junctional areas. You can also wound pack if you don’t have a TQ.


  • Talk about different ones on the market

  • High and Tight or few inches about

  • Myths

Wound Packings

  • Regular Gauze

  • Combat Gauze

  • Celox

Use other bystanders to help you. During a bad event people will do what you tell them to do.

Product of the week:

SWAT-T Tourniquet

-not the best one handed

-great pressure bandage

-great for small kids or K-9

Civilianmedical for a 10% at medical gear outfitters