Civilian Carry Radio 113 - GW Ayers 22 year US Army Vet and VP Govt Relations at Rainier Arms

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tonight’s guest: GW Ayers III 22 year US Army Vet and VP Govt Relations at Rainier Arms 

Tonight’s topic: The impact and the importance of the 2nd amendment in the Firearms Industry and community.

GW’s BIO:  GW Ayers is a lifelong practitioner of the noble profession of arms. He is a former career Soldier who enlisted right after graduating high school and served in the Army for 22 years. Retiring as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, Ayers immediately entered the Defense Industry. In the decade since then he has helped launch two successful new businesses and worked as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing in a third.  

GW’s military career began as an Armored Reconnaissance Specialist in a unit patrolling the East and West German border during the Cold War. In the years following he served in the 2ndACR, 3rdACR, 116thInfantry Regiment, 3- CAV 1-7 CAV, the US Army Recruiting Command, and 214 CAV, 1stBrigade, 25thInfantry Regiment. He held many leadership billets during his career and frequently attended leadership schools, including all that were MOS or rank specific and several others (including Level 2 CT and FEMA Operations). An Iraq veteran of OIF 3 and OIF 4, Ayers served in every NCO billet a Reconnaissance Specialist can hold, including Scout Platoon Sergeant. He is the recipient of numerous awards and decorations, including the Soldiers Medal, Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal, and Combat Action Badge.  

GW was one of the Senior Enlisted Advisors posted to in Iraqi unit in the Tal Afar Area of Operations. He was embedded with an Iraqi infantry battalion headquartered in Al Kisik before that formation was handed over to Iraqi Ground Forces Command by Coalition Command and also saw service during several operations as a HUMINT supervisor. 

Gee Dub, as he’s known in the Industry, has been a fixture of the PNW defense industry community for nearly ten years. He was a staunch part of the leadership at Tactical Tailor, helped both Grey Ghost Gear and Grey Ghost Precision achieve great success at a time when other, more established companies were failing, and is now the Vice President for Government Relations at Rainier Defense and Rainier Arms. He’s an ardent historian, passionate Harley rider (2019 Street Glide) and once led a semi-piratical boarding action onto another company’s yacht in Tampa Harbor during the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (true story). That’s a story not too many people know – even fewer realize that he once coached semi-Pro football or that his EDC pistol is actually a handgun he helped design. 

Ayers continues to hone his skills with instructors like Joe Barnsfather (Superior Firearms) and Matt Graham (Graham Tradecraft) while also training sub-rosa with some of the extraordinarily skilled (and dangerous) clients his companies serve. He prefers Makers Mark or Basil Hayden’s, regularly quotes Kelly’s Heroes, and reads authors from Chet Holmes and William Dietz to SLA Marshal and Martin Creveld. You can contact him via email at gw@rainierarms. Be advised, however, that if anyone takes GW less seriously than GW, GW hasn’t met him yet. 


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