Civilian Carry Radio 001 - John Murphy FPF Training

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This podcast focuses on firearms safety, education, training and mindset.  Your host, Baraka Ulrich James, President and Founder of MASF. My co-host is Allen Sams, Vice President of MASF.

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Our guest tonight is John Murphy of FPF Training joins us live from Northern Virginia!

Modern American Shooting & Firearms, or MASF, is a charity non-profit organization which is devoted to a simple goal. MASF exists in order to make firearms education and training accessible to everyday people. MASF believes that Americans should be able to receive the education and training that they desire but sometimes cannot afford. We believe that your station in life should not dictate whether or not you should be able to protect yourself and to be safe. MASF has observed that a lot of people encountered over the past several years simply do not have the financial means to invest in their personal safety and the education it takes to learn to protect themselves and their families.

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Join us LIVE next Wednesday night March 1st 2017 at 8pm est, our guest is Kerry Davis – CEO of Dark Angel Medical