AR-15 Podcast 231 - Mission 22

Welcome to Episode 226 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode JD has a quick conversation with Brad Hubbard of Mission 22.

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Main Topic:

Brad Hubbard of Mission 22

What is Mission 22… quick description

How did Mission 22 come into existence

How does Mission 22 serve the Veteran Community?

Why is this important? Are the current services in place failing our Vets?

How would you like to see it grow?

How can we get involved?

How do we get in contact?


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ARP 147 - A Salute to Our Veterans

Welcome to Episode #147 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode we’re going to share some of the nominations from the family and friends of some of our VeteransWe want to let you know that we are beginning registration for our giveaway for the Vortex Spitfire 1X Prism Scope.  We are asking you, our listeners and fans to nominate a First Responder to receive the Vortex Spitfire 1x Scope.  You can go to the link Click Here to Enter.  We will also have a link on our Facebook Page for you to use. We’ll be doing the drawing on Thanksgiving Day (Nov 26).

We want to let you know about a great source for T-shirts and Patches! If you go to you can line up to pre-order the new “In God We Trust” patch and buy more FRN stickers, Patches and TSHIRTS!

Main Topic:  Veterans Day Vortex Giveaway

We drew the name William Macomber for the Vortex Spitfire 3X Prism Scope giveaway.  You and your family and friends nominated many veterans for this drawing and I’d like to now share some of the nominations with you so you can hear the words of your family and community and why they are so very proud of their veterans.  I want to also remind all of you listeners that served our great nation as well that I am positive that the community of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines as well as your communities and your families respect and appreciate your service.

Robert H.  My father Melvin served in the airforce. He was in Korea when I was born in '77. He learned carpentry in the airforce and continued to work as a carpenter  for another 12 years afterward. He took night classes while working more than full time to earn an associate's degree. He then built a successful insurance and title business from scratch. That business employed a young lady through her college degree and allowed me to earn an engineering degree my father always wanted. I never remember him calling in sick. In '93, after having 1/3 of his colon removed, he was back to work weeks before his doctor advised. While the college degree is handy, his work ethic was more valuable for me. This August he retired. To celebrate I built him his first AR-15. I hope he has lots of time to shoot it with me.

John F.  Sean has given 8yrs to the Army, including 1 tour each to Afghanistan and Iraq. He has a brand new wife (married 3OCT) and a very young daughter whom he loves, and would do anything for. His full-time job is a state prison Correction's officer.  He is always the guy that any of us can call, with anything, and he will be right there, getting his hands dirty to help. He works hard to provide for his young family, and deserves  a huge thank you!

Barrick T.  Dan is a lifelong friend. I've watched him grow from a snot nosed kid, to a punky teenager with no respect for authority (while I was making the same transition); into a man with great respect for his country, a father with great love for his family (I may be nominating his wife for sainthood soon as well), & a friend on whom I know I can always rely. His story may not be particularly remarkable, but it is one of the heart of this great country, & he has certainly made an impact in my life. He was also just hired on to a local police department, while still serving as a reservist in the army.

Tonya S.  He is my dad and my hero!  He went active Army straight out of college even though there was a war on in Vietnam.  He retired as a Major after 20 years of service to our country. He always wore his uniform with pride and it showed.  He is an honest, patient, loyal and honorable man. His second career in life, he became a Gunsmith. He used to call himself a "precisionist", since he didn't believe perfection to be attainable. He's now fully retired and enjoying traveling the world with his wife of 55 years. I have lived my life always keeping his model in my mind's eye, trying to always live up to the high standards that he set for himself but never requires of others.

Jacob I.  My father is the greatest man I know. A little cliche maybe, but I've never known a better sentence to fit him. My father is a Gulf War veteran, and a father of 5. He has been an amazing dad and an even better life mentor. He is one of the few people I've ever seen to sacrifice  everything for his family. My dad moved out here to North Dakota for a better paying job. He was apart from his family for a year and a half with one chair and a blowup mattress. He ate a can of soup every night with his one set of silverware. He deprived himself so he could save enough money to bring his wife and kids out to join him.  Two years later and he's looking at buying a house. This will be his first ever owned home, and he deserves it. His sacrifices lead me to move from comfortable california out here to North Dakota, and I hope to be able to pay him back for everything he's done for me. This scope and acknowledgement would be a perfect appreciation gift for my dad.

Stephanie B.  I'd like to nominate my husband Jeff who is my favorite Veteran.  Jeff is a Disabled Veteran of the war in Afghanistan where he served as a Combat Medic with the U.S. Army Infantry.  Not only did Jeff serve his Brothers and Sisters on the battlefield, but since returning home he has gone to work at our local VA Hospital as an Emergency Department RN.  Jeff has found great healing in working with his fellow Veterans and they appreciate knowing Jeff is one of them.  I think it would be great for Jeff to get this recognition, he gives so much and asks for so little, this would be a wonderful "Thank You!".

Chad P.  My wife Ronda served in the USN, as did I. It seems like every time someone recognizes the veterans at church or some other place and we both stand, I get all the credit. Someone actually told her thank you for standing by your husband. A lot of people these days don't realize how many women have served in the armed forces. Now that her service is over, I would just like to see her get something to recognize her service. Thanks for the podcast. Thank you Vortex.

Rod T.  I would like to nominate my brother Ron, who was in both the Navy and the Marine Corps.My brother Ronald joined the Navy after graduating from high school.  After his basic training, he served as an enlisted cryptologic technician in Japan for 3 years.  During that time, his superiors took notice of him and encouraged him to apply for the Naval Academy.  He was accepted to the Academy, and graduated as a Marine 2nd LT.  He was in charge of light armored vehicles in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  He left the Marine Corps as a Captain.  My brother's voyage from a high school graduate, to an Seaman Recruit in the Navy, to a student at Annapolis, to a Marine Corps Captain is very impressive to me.  He has always been humble about his accomplishments and service.At Ron's wedding, one of his fellow Marines revealed a great deal about Ron in a few short sentences.  This gentleman (Paddy, I still remember his name) came up to me and told me that he was alive due to my brother's actions.  Paddy told me that he was "in a bad situation" and Ron did not hesitate to go get him.  Paddy said that Ron was a "great man in combat".  My brother shrugged it off.  I'm sure you have a number of fine Veterans that are nominated.  Please consider my brother, because he is a fine man, and a fine Veteran as well.  

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