AR-15 Podcast 154 - Hands On With Compact AR Stocks


Welcome to Episode #154 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode we’re going to talk about our experiences with some very compact AR stocks. Our final winner for the last week of the Otis Giveaway was: Russell Smith

We still have a few Otis Drawing winners who haven’t checked in with us.

Main Topic: Compact Stocks

North Eastern Arms - Compact Carbine Stock ($320 + bolt, etc)

Troy Industries - M7A1 PDW Stock ($480, bolt incl)

Law Tactical, LLC - Folding Stock Adapter ($270, std bcg)

LWRCI - UCIW Ultra Compact Stock Kit ($130, std bcg) (Troy, NEA, LWRC)

Otis Technology: We want to thank the folks at Otis Technology for their generosity. Their help has made it possible for us to thank you, the listeners for all of your support. Thanks Otis, We’ll see you at SHOT.


Samson Simpson: Reed, you guys should check out the A5 system from VLTOR. It allegedly mimics the performance of a rifle length buffer system with a receiver extension that allows for an adjustable stock.

Mathew K: ……… Also wanted to say thank you for all the great content your network provides and specifically thank you for starting the black rifle podcast. I found your network through the AR-15 Podcast on November 4th and just finished listening to the entire back catalog so now I'm headed to Gun Guy Radio to listen to the back catalog there. Please let Reed and J.W. know that I thank them too.

Gene C: Hi guys, I was wondering if you could do an update on hunting with the AR15. Your last hunting episode was 2 years ago. I got into hunting big time this year (hog, dove and deer). I am trying to get into coyote hunting (with my AR in .223). I also plan to get an AR in 308 for hog hunting. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work! Thanks, Gene

James H: Thank you. Enjoyed the primer on gas tubes and buffer weights. Filled in my questions on both. Very informative. Guess I've been lucky, my builds have just worked. Build number 5 in the planning stage. Thinking of 300 blackout or AR pistol. Got my Form 1 SBR approved this month. Added a MFT BMS Minimalist butt stock to my Sig Sauer MPX-9 so I'm not sure about building an AR pistol now. May have to pick up parts for now. My last build was an AR 47. PSA 7.62x39 upper works great. Has a little more kick.

James H: In fluid dynamics, air is considered a fluid. Any liquid or gas form materials a fluids. Fluid dynamics is the study of how things flow.

Craig B: Speak Pipe Plugin feedback - about a striped screw head on a Samson Rail.


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ARP 150 - Holiday Gift Guide


Welcome to Episode #150 of the AR15 Podcast. This week we're talking about holiday gifts for AR shooters.Main Topic: Holiday Gift Guide





ericfine50:  listened this morning - some excellent ideas and comments. I was surprised that no one suggested using an AR with a 14.5 barrel and the Law Tactical AR Folding Stock Adapter. That would reduce the overall length when concealed.

I agree that you should go with an AR that is not budget, because you want it to work when you need it. Assuming that you are needing to get your Trunk/Truck gun because it is no longer safe to be without it.

I would also look to add a Chest Rig (Like the HSP D3CR), Soft Body Armor, and even a Team Wendy Helmet. Extra magazines for your AR, Pistol, and what about a fix blade knife?

JoshBurgess:  How you guys were talking about the truck gun, I'm not sure if I just missed it or you weren’t talking about how long should you keep ammo before changing it out.

Otis Technology:

November 8: Jamie Hendricks

November 15: David Gonzalez

November 22: Jon Borkenhagen

November 29:  Larry Cunningham

The fine folks at Otis Technology have sent over a mountain of rifle maintenance tools and cleaning kits for the AR-15 and AR-10.  We’ve been tasked with giving them away.  Watch for the special posts on Facebook and Instagram to get a chance to win some of the awesome products made by Otis Technology.  We’ll give away a complete MSR Cleaning kit in either 5.56 or 7.62 in the middle of each month up until Christmas, when we’ll give away a complete Otis Technology Elite Cleaning System to one lucky listener.  During the alternating weeks, we’ll be giving away a host of Otis tools and cleaning supplies.