ARP 083 - Black Rifle Disease, How to Share With Your Buddies


Welcome to Episode #083 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Reed Snyder and with me today is my co-host, Anthony Hardy.  This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.  

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Tip:  Have patience

Main Topic:

Safety Instruction

  • Safety Rules
    • Every Gun Is Always Loaded, Treat Them Accordingly
    • Never Let the Muzzle Cover Anything You Are Not Willing to Destroy
    • Keep Your Finger off the Trigger until Your Sights Are on the Target
    • Be Sure of Your Target and What Is Behind it
    • Go Over The Range Rules at the Range You are Visiting
    • Keep Your Eyes on a New Shooter at All Times
      • Never Assume Your Brilliant Safety Briefing was Enough
      • Remember that a New Shooter Lacks Experience and Needs You to lend them yours
      • Simple Mistakes can Lead to Catastrophic Errors, Stay Alert
      • Don’t Rush, Be Patient

Manual of Arms

Fundamentals of Marksmanship

  • Firing Position
  • Aiming
  • Breath Control
  • Trigger Manipulation

Words Of Wisdom

  • You Can Start off with a smaller caliber AR.
  • Start with large targets and shorter distances.
  • Its Okay to Use an Optic. You want this to be fun.
  • Use positive feedback.
  • Make it fun.  Vary targets.



I've been listening since episode 6, or so. I listen on the "iCatcher!" app. I dig it. Keep up the good work.

  I'm a former Marine (0341), as are a number of FRN contributors, so I'm familiar with the grunts, mumbles and animal sounds I hear on the shows.

  During my time in The Corps, I never once had a malfunction that was attributable to my M16-A2. In fact, the only problems I ever experienced were all on the same day, and directly the fault of improperly annealed brass. Every jarhead who had ammo from that lot was getting stuck cases. These had to be tapped out with a rod, because the the extractor was pulling through the too-soft brass case head. Thankfully, we were at Swamp Lejeune at the time and not Fillintheblankestan.

  I have, however, had a massive malfunction in one of my own rifles. I have a Professional Ordnance, Carbon-15, from before they went bankrupt and were bought out by Bushmaster. I see why they went bankrupt.

  My first trip to the range started out promising. I got my scope (a cheap but functional BSA) zeroed in only 15 rounds (three 5 round groups), and was having fun popping cheap soda cans at 100yds.

  On the 42nd round, the recoil felt wrong. I found that the bolt had snapped at the cam pin, and the brass was still on the breech face. The whole thing was wedged in the ejection port at a funny angle. The bolt looked like the one pictured at the top of episode 81's notes.

  I had followed the instruction manual which suggested one to two drops of oil between the bolt and carrier, but stated explicitly that No Lube was required, or even recommended, on the outside of the carrier.

  Several years later, Bushmaster (pre-freedom group) fixed it for me at no cost. They also re-reamed and polished the chamber, because while the receiver was marked 5.56NATO, it actually had SAAMI .223rem throat. ...can't imagine why ProfessionalOrdnance went bankrupt.

  So, yes. Catastrophic malfunctions do occur. I was lucky. Mine just put the rifle out of commission for a while.

  I also have a frankengun (SunDevil milled lower, DSA M4 upper, MagPul furniture, Trijicon reflex sight and lots of my drool) that has several thousand rounds through it. It is boringly reliable. To the point that if I want to practice malfunction drills, I have to put empty cases in the mags to deliberately induce a stoppage. I'm too leery of mixing dummy rounds with live ammo to use them outside my dry-fire area (and live rounds aren't allowed in that room).

  Anyway, if you're still reading this, thanks for the show. My name is Pete, but most of my friends call me Lumby. I hope if we ever see each other on the range or at the grocery store, you will too.

Semper Fi

Charles K: Great 081 show.  Just wanted to say, my Noveske Diplomat has performed flawlessly, so my story about critical failures centers on my Gen1, Glock 17.

I had a friend start reloading for me.  He had been reloading for some time and raved about it.  So, I gave him some $$ and asked him to buy the 9MM equipment and reload a batch for me.

Well, my flawlessly feeding Glock started having issues, but the most near tragic was the dreaded squib.  My daughter (probably 14 at the time) and I were shooting weekly at the time.  I pulled the trigger and I noticed that it just felt funny.  Thought that I had a dud round.  When I racked the slide, an empty casing came out.  I'd never heard of a squib at the time, but something told me that things were not right.

I pulled the magazine, double checked to make sure the chamber was cleared and then tore it down right there.  All I could think when tried to look through the stripped barrel was Holy Crap, thank God I didn't just jack another round into the chamber, and try to continue shooting.  The bullet was stuck about 3/4 of the way down, and wedged in tight.

Ok, from then on....quality factory ammunition.  Haven't had a problem since.

My daughter and I learned a valuable lesson that day.  She is now 21 and works at that gun club.

Again, great show and always a pleasure to listen to you guys as I fly across the country...via Sticher.

Mike R:  Hey guys, please keep up the great podcast. I continue to enjoy.

Working on a 9" SBR in 300 blackout - it will have a Gemtech HVT can on the end - with a full length quad rail . What rail covers do you guys like, and recommend? Had to go quad rail to be large enough to have the can fit in it.

Have you ever seen this suppressor cover product?

Nathan M.:  I heard y'all mention the vickers tac sling, but not once did I hear a mention of the huskey amentum sling from ares armor. There's no tail, just a slider. I fell in love with this 2 point on my last deployment. I had one on my MK 12 and another on my MK 18, and worked well in both applications. I'm now a SWAT team medic, and when they let me I shoot with one on my AR. A few guys have also converted.

Keep up the good work! Your audio quality sounds much better.


Being ready is not what matters. What matters is winning after you get there. LtGen Victor H. Krulak, USMC April 1965

Nathan M., FF/ EMT-P Sgt  0311  USMC-R

Chris in Dallas area:  Just a couple of comments concerning the BCM KeyMod.  First I just finished a pistol and a carbine build using the BCM KMR hand guard (10 and 13 in).  Love the KMR but wanted you to know a couple of issues I discovered in the build.

First, the barrel nut is very tight on the hand guard.  I found it very easy to nick the barrel nut if the supplied wrench slipped even a small amount.   Sand paper did take the nick off.  Also the trick of using a hair dryer to warm up the hand guard did help to install.

Second, the width of the hand guard creates a potential problem if you want to use the 45 Deg top KeyMods.  If the tool, light etc, does not have a KeyMod base, then you cannot use a Picatinny Rail Section as the top rail is too close to the 45 deg rail to install a part on it.

Third, the KeyMod attachments  I purchased did not come with installation instructions.  Once you figure out how to install, they really work well, but I almost destroyed one set simply because nothing I did made the rail fit the KeyMod.

Finally while the KeyMod may be used with QD attachments,  I am using the KeyMod QD mounts for the strength of the attachment.  If you use the KeyMod alone, then there is a relatively thin metal hand guard section holding the QD attachment.  If however you use an attachment, then the the QD connection is thicker than the hand guard and it is held at two points instead of one on the hand guard.  The only problem

Rob:  Sure wish you'd cover the 5.45x39 (AK74) AR.  Maybe I've missed it?  Thanks!!


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