AR-15 Podcast 193 - AR Gift Guide

Welcome to Episode #193 of the AR15 Podcast.  This week we talk about what gifts we'd like to see under the Christmas tree.

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Main Topic:  AR Gift Guide







Chase J: I guess this is old news, but have you heard of RF85? Apparently Anderson rifles has a coating/metal treatment/voodoo enchantment that allows their rifle to function WITHOUT LUBRICATION. You clean the rifle with soap and water?!?!?!?
There's a video where they shoot 300 rounds through it, clean with dishwater, then shoot 4700 more rounds through it, clean it 'Anderson style' by tossing it in a creek, shake it off, and dump a 30 round mag. 5030 rounds.  Straight up Kentucky madness.
I've been listening to your podcast for about a year, just re listened to your 6 part build from scratch series. I understand everything now that I've familiarized myself with a Colt 6920, putting 150 rounds down range once or twice a month, cleaning after every other trip to the range just to familiarize myself with the parts. Came across this rf85 video while scouring the web for things ar related, the bug has me pretty bad, and my gf loves shooting the rifle as much as I do. However, I may reconsider building myself a new rifle, and pick up an OEM Anderson rifle I can customize.

But anyway, what are your thoughts on RF85, and if it's all that they say it is, why hasn't this revolutionized the industry? Who needs chrome nickel Teflon boron anything when there's rf85?

Who am I kidding, I'll still build one. I'm itchin. I'm kinda waiting for Faxon to produce 6.5 Grendel barrels and bolts. Every time I hear (nick?nate?) talk about their engineering I feel like Jesse Pinkman (YEAH!!! Science Bitch!!!)
Reed, you have the same effect. You're the Walter White to my black rifle disease. I know JD knows what I'm talkin’ about.

Thanks for the show. I'll keep listening and using affiliate links. Chiau

Sean: In California... would it work for people to acquire a 458 socom AR... that way they can keep all their 30 round magazines? (i think it'll hold what... 9 or 10? ) of course you'd have to have some decoy 10 orders... (not sure since they can't be "detachable"... just a thought... always thinking…

Brandon: Listening to Josh Waldron on some of the pre-election discussions, I was kind of shocked to hear some details about the age of the NRA lobby in Washington, and I felt like he appropriately nailed exactly what I've felt about the NRA for years. I've long felt the NRA is far too focused on a glory days image of a father and son hunting deer, and more or less ignores the modern younger shooter and their needs and wants. I received a renewal request in the mail with a questionnaire that was tailor made to fire up my aging relatives with phrases such as "those washington politicians", but it did little to move my needle as a Gen Y/Millennial modern sportsman.

I would be interested to hear a guest from the NRA on your show, ideally to discuss their stances and progress on more modern issues like NFA restrictions, and the protection of AR's and other semi auto rifle platforms for any use (not just hunting).

Craig: Are those 83 lowers you have 80% completed or are they 100% finished requiring a 4473 form filled out? If they're all 100% finished lower"s; has the ATF questioned why you have so many lowers? Personally, I would not want the ATF's attention.



ARP 121 - NRA Annual Meeting Review


Welcome to Episode #121 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Anthony Hardy and with me tonight is my ever faithful co-host, J.W. Ramp. This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle!  This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level. Brownells helps make this show possible.

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 Main Topic: NRA Annual Meeting 2015 - Nashville, TN

The trip up

Arrival: The House

Parking in Nashville

Backpack (preparedness seminar ensues)

Media Credentials

Walking the floor (9 acres)

 CMC Triggers



North American Arms

            Daniel Defense

FrogLube: Larry Lasky







Trainers Update

America’s Rifle Challenge (sponsored by the NRA and Daniel Defense)

Otis Technology:

 March 23:  Chad Goeden

March 30:  Michael Sheldon

April 6: Nathan Sanders

April 13: Mike Mourer

 The fine folks at Otis Technology have sent over a mountain of rifle maintenance tools and cleaning kits for the AR-15 and AR-10.  We’ve been tasked with giving them away.  Watch for the special posts on Facebook and Instagram to get a chance to win some of the awesome products made by Otis Technology.  We’ll give away a complete MSR Cleaning kit in either 5.56 or 7.62 in the middle of each  month up until Christmas, when we’ll give away a complete Otis Technology Elite Cleaning System to one lucky listener.  During the alternating weeks, we’ll be giving away a host of Otis tools and cleaning supplies.


Bob L:  Reed, Thanks for all you do in producing an amazing podcast (cast & crew included).  I have listened since the beginning.   I know there is an endless amount of subject matter for our black rifles, but thought I would pass this on.

 A friend of mine who is an aeronautical engineer called me one day and asked if I would research the merits of the big bore AR 15's, after all I am retired and have more time, right?   Specifically, he was interested in the 458 SOCOM vs. the 450 Bushmaster.  I personally had no interest in either until I dug in and started learning about the two.   I think the stories of their development are incredibly interesting and think that some interviews with their respective developers would make great shows.  Tim LeGendre the creator of the 450 Bushmaster (450 Professional) is actively posting on the forum under the call of "wildcatter" and I believe Tony Rumore of Tromix was involved in the Socom development, he is also on the same blog under tonyrumore.   I believe both would be willing.  Additionally, I believe the interviews would be of value just due to their historical significance.

 Some aspects; if SAAMI spec'd, parent cartridge, bullet differences, ammo availability and cost, max effective range, required components for conversion, pro and cons of straight walled case and bottled necked cases as well as recent changes to Michigan and Ohio hunting laws.

 Another interview I would love to listen to would be Bill Alexander on the development of the 6.5 Grendel and the 50 Beowulf.

 Loved the Faxon segment! Keep up the good work, thanks again.

DW Taylor:  I recently got bitten by the black rifle bug. I discovered your podcast right after you closed registration for the latest give-a-way. Missed it by THAT much… (Per Maxwell Smart. Yes, I am old)

 I appreciate the humble approach you take to your audience. We are all newbies at one time in this field. I would have left more feedback, but I can only do that on my mobile devices through my Facebook log on, and I do not have a Facebook account (don’t want one either).

 6.5 Grendel

I have not heard you speak much of this in the AR configuration. Pros, Cons, thoughts?  I am thinking about building an upper that I can use for deer this fall. I have heard this is a good round for larger game. You talk a lot about the 300 Blackout. How do they compare? Are they similar, totally different purpose & intent?

 Thanks for the weekly show. I haven’t missed one since I started. I listen on Stitcher and often download so I can listen on the plane as I fly to work.