AR-15 Podcast - Loose Rounds SHOT Show Round Up

Welcome episode 3 of “Loose Rounds!”  The Firearms Radio Network’s own Tony Simon from 2A For Everyone & Mark Kexel of Mad Dog Weapons Systems joins the round table to discuss the latest SHOT Show and the latest goings on in the firearms world.

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Miscellaneous notes and updates to listeners

What’s up with the guys?





Story Time with J.D. “Fan Mail Edition”

Flash Traffic

SHOT Show Winners….


Hornady - 6.5 cartridges

Starline - Rifle Brass -


BCG’s and Extensions

Parts innovation

KNS Precision - Adjustable AK gas


Keltec - RFB

Tavor 7 - 7.62 Nato

ZRODelta - Genesis Z9

Reed and JD:

Geissele Automatics, LLC  Rem 700 Trigger & URGI Upper

SIG SAUER P365 & RX Series

Brownells, Inc. Retro Rifles

S.W.O.R.D. International MK-18 & MK-17

Lewis Machine & Tool Company (LMT) MARS

ZRO Delta Genesis Z9

Fortis Manufacturing License Lower

Otis Technology  Mission Critical MC-10 Cleaning system

IWI US TS-12, SBR & Tavor 7

ODIN Works  RAGNA Forend

Velocity Triggers - MPC Series

Black Rain Ordnance Inc. Left Handed AR & Cerakote Work

Aero Precision - Suppressor

Individual Awards…

Best Hang - Mad Dog Weapon Systems, Inc. Crew

Best Display - Nick from New Frontier Armory rotating display.

Best Patch - Aero Precision

Best Meal - Juan's Flaming Fajitas & Cantina

Funniest Moment - The Firearms Insider asking our waitress for a picture.

Grumpiest Team Member - J.D.

The First Annual "Kent Pretentious, Unprofessional, and Annoying" Award goes to....

SHOT Show impressions from Mark and Tony

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Franklin Armory Reformation

Americans who practice yoga contribute to white supremacy, Michigan State University professor claims

Teen shot in head after new internet challenge goes wrong


Policing Brass: