ARP 033 - AR-10 - An Introduction to the Black Rifle's Big Brother

Steve and Reed discuss the Black Rifle's Big Brother, the AR-10.


Welcome to episode #33 of the AR15 Podcast.  I’m your FRN Roving Correspondent Steve and joining me tonight is AR15 Podcast host Reed. This is THEE podcast about your favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There’s something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

AR-15 Training Tip of the Week:

Zeroing your MSR:

Main Topic:

A Thumbnail Sketch of the AR-10

  • A .30 Cal Rifle from a .30 Cal world
  • Next step in evolution over the M-14
  • What can’t it do!
  • Is there room for the AR-10 Today?

Stoner’s AR-10 - History

  • Barrel Exploded (Aluminum\Steel Composite)
  • Flying Bolt Lugs
  • Production Delays

Armalite AR-10B - History

  • Eagle Arms
  • Never Used Stoner’s Drawings
  • Redesigned AR-10 on AR-15 back

Any parts shareable or is everything just bigger??

  • Interchangeability is limited
  • Difficulties with Custom Builds

Present Day Manufacturers

The Future of the Platform

308 vs 7.62x51mm

Otis BONE Tool and O12 Carbon Remover Giveaway

O12 removes stubborn carbon fouling with ease BONE tool is the quick clean tool which scrapes carbon and fouling from the bolt, bolt carrier, and firing pin of your AR15.

Winner: Ed G.

I have been enjoying the shows lately, especially the ones where you talk about different caliber options. While my son thinks it's an abomination, I've been thinking about building an upper in 9mm for my AR. That way I can shoot the same ammo I have for my pistol. How about a show on 9mm ARs? Thanks and keep up the good work, Ed G.


Larry:  Reed, I finally brought home my first AR15 a new Stag Arms Model 3. I am new to AR's. Any recommendations on a first cleaning to remove the packing grease? What cleaner and lube do you recommend. I was planning on using Break Free CLP but some people say its not good for removing the packing grease they use on new ones. I know you did a great show on cleaning but I am mainly concerned about a first time preshoot cleaning. Thanks for any help you can provide and keep putting out a great show.

Richard J:  Just saw this in the Texas Fish & Game 'Gun Report' email newsletter I get.

I think I've heard Reed and Steve talk about a new gun club in Frisco...

Is there an industry trend toward upscale facilities?

Rod: Hey Reed, This is Rod from San Antonio. Great podcast, been listening since the start.

Regarding the podcast on feeding the black rifle, I happen to have a copy of an e-book written by an Army officer who worked on the development of the M-855 green tip round. I found it very interesting.

The document was offered as a free download from the author's website, which appears to not be up anymore. It is in .mobi format for the kindle but if you have a different e-reader there is a program called Calibre, which is free and can convert documents into other e-reader formats.

And please enter me into the contest for the OTIS gear.

Thanks for the great work you guys do on the podcast!

Bryan (Canadian Service Conditions Radio): In Episode 32 you talked about mono-podding on the magazine for prone shooting. Thank-you for sharing that with the listeners.

Shooters competing in Service Rifle events up here in Canada are generally all taught this technique. Certainly all the really competitive shooters use it.

Occasionally I do still run into folks who hold to the old wives tale that resting on the mag will cause stoppages. I usually just respond by saying "Okay, if you want to handicap yourself, go right ahead. Let's get out and shoot together and put some money on who does better"

The only other method that comes close is a tight sling technique which is very stable but is tiring and hard to adopt quickly.

The only way that I can imagine the mag support shooting method causing an issue would be either with an out of spec lower or worn out mags that actually insert to far into the mag well (as I have seen happen with Pmags subjected to overly aggressive taps when inserting into the rifle). In either case, the problem is equipment not the rifle support technique.

Monopoding on the mag is definitely the way to go with an MSR platform from prone in my opinion.

Tim and K9 Ciko: I would like to know your opinion of melonite coated(hardening) barrels versus chrome lined barrels. I am getting ready to rebarrel my AR-15 and trying to make a decision.  Keep up the good work and informative podcast. This podcast helps make those long 12 hour patrol shifts go bye a lot faster.

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