AR-15 Podcast - Loose Rounds 001

Welcome to our inaugural edition of the AR-15 Podcast: Loose Rounds. This episode is a round table of new year resolutions, goals (firearm and otherwise), gun culture current events, and assorted oddities.

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Jason is contributing at the “Old Salty Iron Sight”

Thomas is contributing at the – “Old Salty”

Two individuals are contributing at the: “Sneak it Past Your Spouse Club”

Order of Battle:



Miscellaneous notes and updates to listeners

What’s up with the guys?





State of the Show

Discuss new year resolution—firearm related and otherwise.

SHOT Show 2018

New California laws—ammo sales, transfers, FFLs, possible legal challenges.

New stuff—Glock 19x, Ruger’s new offerings

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Pumping gas in Oregon

SWAT-ting and it’s foreseeable outcomes

Policing Brass:

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