AR-15 Podcast 184 - Who Do You Trust?

Welcome to Episode #184 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode we’re going to talk about how to figure out who you can trust when you want to buy that AR and not build it.

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What’s going on with us?

JD -

Reed -  is very Grumpy

Anthony - Testing a barrel

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Main Topic:  Who Do You Trust?

The question of buying an AR boils down to “who do you trust?”

What makes a manufacturer trustworthy?

How long has the company been around

What is their reputation like

Do they manufacture or source

Do they create or borrow

Well lead and financially sound

Who are we talking about?

Who do we trust?


Shannon R:  Hi, Just wondering how a person can wrap $5000 in a JP Rifle?  Where does all the expense come in?  I am an 07/02 located in Mn, and just can't wrap my head around a $5k AR15....we machine billet uppers and lowers for the most part right now.  Can you shed some light on this?  Thanks

Jeff:  Hey Guys, Love your show,  just started listening and have been getting into guns over last year.  I live in San Diego so veto-gunmageddon hits home.  But since I'm in the Navy and technically an out of state Resident, I don't get to sign the petition or vote,  but the laws surely affect me.

I built one ar and bought two more.  Recently I finished two 80% lowers.   Since my very experienced buddy helped me build my first, I need a refresher.  Can u recommend a good book with photos that step by step build a basic ar15. I'm deploying and will have no internet for YouTube or other resources.   Just want a book to walk myself mentally through a few builds while deployed.  Thanks for all u do!!


Michael M:

Re: Golden Rod Dehumidifier

I wanted to follow up on this topic because there can be some confusion. A rod dehumidifier doesn't actually do any dehumidification in the sense of removing water from the air. The rod increases the air temperature in the safe and as a result reduces the relative humidity a couple points. Relative humidity (RH) is a gauge of how much water air at a given temperature can hold, warmer air can hold more water... So increasing the temperature a couple degrees lowers your RH by cheating the air temperature up and not removing water. In my opinion their only purpose is to prevent condensation when you open the door and room air flows in. This is enough for safes that are in well conditioned spaces and not exposed to a lot of humidity. If your safe/guns are exposed to a lot of humidity, use a desiccant device like Reed mentioned, I use one made by Eva-Dry. These devices will actually reduce the water content in your safe. Just because it says dehumidifier or professional on the box, doesn't mean it's true

Jim R - What's the pros and cons of stainless barrels?

John Richardson - I was going back through older podcasts and I just want to thank you for the "what are you going to do in the revolution" podcast. It was well done, had some great ideas, and put it on the line. I will say that if it ever comes time to hide or bury my guns, it is time to use them.



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