AR-15 Podcast 198 - SHOT Show 2017 Day 2

Welcome to Episode #197 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode we’re talking about day 2 of SHOT 2017.

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Trump Lower for Inauguration

Main Topic:

  Reed’s Final Thoughts on the Show

New Media Breakfast

    Sure Shots Magazine

Battle Arms Development

    CA Compliant Release System (Time Stamp)

    Interview to Come

    Building your own AR on Battle Arms TV

Primary Weapons Systems

    MK107 AR Pistol

    Enhanced buffer tube and now stand alone castle nut


    Slim Muzzle Devices

    Carbon Fiber Handguard

JP Enterprises

    Adjustable bolt carrier group to work with suppressors

SWAT Concepts Las Vegas

Unique AR Interview

New Frontier

    New AR10

    C45- 45acp AR

Palmetto State Armory

    9mm AR


F1 Tactical

    Skeletonized Rifles

    Muzzle Brakes

Alexander Arms

    Managed to get an interview

    50 Beowolf AR

Lunch NSSF Members lounge

    Staheli’s (Staleys) Shooting Supply/ SX3 Podcast


    Maxim 9


    AR Bolt

Yankee Hill

    New Budget Friendly Suppressor

M-Lok Handguards

Mega Arms


    New Wedge Lock Handguards


    XM95 Tavor in 9mm/300 Blackout

    5.56 Galil ACE

    DAN .338 Lapua


    AR Line is a self loading precision rifle, all 5R rifled custom upper and lower

    MSR 15 Patrol (Low end, milspec trigger)

    MSR 15 Recon (M-lok Handguard, upgraded trigger)

    MSR 10 Hunter (Shorter barrels in .308 or 6.5mm Creedmore)

    MSR 10 Long Range (2 Stage Trigger)

    Jack Hoffman Gold Rush


    10th anniversary of PMAG

    Reasoning behind 300 Blackout Mag

Trigger Tech

JD’s final thoughts on the show    


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