ARP 064 - Interview with Primary Weapon Systems

Reed and J.W. interview Stacy from Primary Weapons Systems. Welcome to Episode #064 of the AR15 Podcast. I’m your host Reed Snyder and with me today is my co-Host, J.W. Ramp. This is the podcast about your favorite black rifle! This show is for you; whether you're building your first AR or you’ve been building ARs for years. There is something we can all do to take our black rifle to the next level.

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They are there for you anytime you make a mistake, like when Jake shoots a spring across the room into his lime green shag carpet.

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Tip of the Week:

Try out different kinds of slings. One/Two-point, QD/latch/straps, adjustable/fixed. There’s some very nifty little gadgets that guys like PWS make to help give you more options for attaching your AR to your body. Does your sling let you transition to a sidearm, is it easy to walk around with the rifle hanging, are you muzzling yourself or others by manipulating the sling? Take time to work with your sling and a dry AR to test all the different uses you can come up with.

Main Topic:

Primary Weapons Systems Stacey Nagy, Regional Sales Manager

  • Mk1
  • Mk2
  • Accessories

Listener Feedback:

Mike R: Great podcast on suppressors - Thought I would comment on my two most overlooked details - length and weight. I was a novice and was not able to test any suppressors. I purchased a Gemtech HVT 7.62 can. I really like the product, their service, and support. I am very happy with the performance of the suppressor. I too shoot it on my 308 caliber guns, and sub caliber firearms as well.

The length and weight of the suppressor comes into play when moving with the gun, such as hunting and competition. I for one wish I has spent the few extra dollars on a titanium suppressor, as they are a considerable weight savings, in some cases half the weight. The length adds to a very unbalanced feel of the firearm when in the field as well, in my experience. That coupled with the weight lead me to cut my .243 hunting rifle barrel to 16" so with the suppressor it's not so unwieldy

I think all shooters of rifles should start out with a suppressor. I started my son on his .243 with the Gemtec. It reduces recoil, and of course the sound. The added bonus of hoping for no hearing loss for my son (I have some documented loss already) was one of my main selling points on the purchase.

I'm currently looking for a short, titanium can just for hunting.

Also, you addressed some points of accuracy but not point of impact shift. I experience some significant point of impact changes with the can on the firearm, versus it off. So much that I have to sight in with the can, and make sure I shoot with it on. In some rifles the POI change is 6" at 100 yds. I have found no real accuracy differences, just POI shift.

Keep up the great show,

Frankie in Rock Hill: Reed and JW - Just wanted you guys to know that the Silencer podcast was just awesome. It really cleared some things up for me and I like the thought of one can for multiple guns. I don't like paying two hundred dollars for a tax stamp but I dislike the thought of being locked up even more.

I am on my first "build" thanks to your podcast. It's not really a build as I bought a Palmetto Complete Upper and Completed Magpul Lower. In case new listeners want to know l have less than five hundred dollars in the complete build. But I am an AR Owner!

I am curious if you guys have any thoughts on the poly receivers from New Frontier? I also would like to second Arturo's request about some brand comparisons and what does more money get me? Is it like buying a store brand vs. name brand and they all come off the same assembly line? I know FN is making most (maybe all?) of Palmetto's barrels.. do you know who makes their receivers?

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