AR-15 Podcast 159 - When to Cut Corners, and When Not

Welcome to Episode #158 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode we’re going to talk about  where to spend money on your next build and where you can save.






What we’ve been up to:

Reed - Getting ready to head out for a shooting weekend

J.D. - Wife shooting- New SBR Build - Staheli’s Shooting Supply - Graham

Main Topic:

5 Things you “SHOULD” spend money on.


Bolt Failures

Gas Key Failures


Gas Port






Honorable Mention… Lower Receiver- Trigger - Gas Tube - Jody Tippett “Booze, cigars and women! Oops! Wrong list😎”

5 Things you “CAN’ save money on.



Fire Control Group/Triggers

Muzzle Devices

Buffer Tube




Nick - Morning gentlemen, was there a episode that discusses bcg's in depth? Material, coating, weight etc? I'm starting a pistol build and am in need of guidance. Btw the taxman taketh so I'll be putting an early episode to the test.... the under $500 episode.

Mike Hart - I am so disappointed in all of you guys.... All three of you are special snowflakes

Brad Jones - Planning a new build. Aero Precision’s upper/lower, Velocity LPK, DEZ 18" mid-length barrel, Manticore Transformer rail... Haven't decided on stock/BCG/charging handle yet. Any suggestions?

Railroadlover - Reed is soooooooooo boring and monotone.  Nice guy, but pass the reins to someone interesting.

Stay tuned for another Giveaway.  We are working out the details and will let you all know as soon as we get everything in order.