AR-15 Podcast - Big News from MDWS

Welcome to another edition of the AR-15 Podcast. On this episode JD and I talk to Mark from Mad Dog Weapon Systems.


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MDWS - Introduction of an Intermediate AR platform.


AR-15 Podcast 225 - Mad Dog Weapon Systems

Welcome to Episode 225 of the AR15 Podcast. Tonight we sit down with Mark Kexel of Mad Dog Weapon System to discuss their wide range of AR calibers.

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What’s Up?



Mark Kexel

Main Topic:

Who is Mark

How was MDWS born

.277 Wolverine

7mm Valkyrie Ar

.358 Yeti

30 Sabercat



Tyler - Any crazy calibers they’re nuts over? Like top 5-10 lol
And the calibers intended purpose and maybe some unintended uses for them. Are they primarily focusing on the smaller platform (Ar15) or will they do work with the larger ones? I’m also kind of looking for a wildcat that makes use of unusual combinations of brass/bullets/powder. Just as something different. Also thank you mad dog for coming on!

John - What can we expect as far as factory support for ammunition, firearm parts, and reloading components going forward

Daniel -  Ask if the .277 works well in belt fed weapons.

Jeff - Best caliber choice in ar15 platform for whitetail . Bullet weight from 90 to 120 grains ..
Range out to 200 yds. 
I'm leaning towards something in 6mm for bullet selection ..

Smokin Gun Labradors - hat about the 257 Ocelot?


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