AR-15 Podcast 199 - SHOT Show 2017 Day 3

Welcome to Episode #199 of the AR15 Podcast. On this episode we’re talking about day 3 of SHOT 2017.

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Our thanks to JWB Military & Brass for sponsoring tonight's main topic.  Go to and use promo code ARP10 for 10% off of quality once fired military reloading brass, AR-500 steel targets, and more.

RTT - Giveaway

Trump Lower for Inauguration

Main Topic:


        Giveaway rifle, 10” SBR distressed flag cerakote


        MSR Line Up

        Takedown in 5.56 with barrel wap to 300 Blackout, custom bolt

        More American’s in 6.5mm and 6mm Creedmoor


        Ported barrels and slides, Gen 2

        Desert Eagles/ Auto Ordnance 1911

Thompson Center Tommy Gun


        Caldwell Pistol Mag Charger

        AR Tac 30 Mag Charger, Doesn’t require their holder

        Stinger Shooting Rest designed for AR

        Tipton Ultra Gun Vise

        Target Cam System (Range Day)


        Saints/ CA compliant model with “legal” stock and brake


        Black series ammo designed for the AR in a variety of bullet weights

        More offerings in 6.5mm Creedmoor

    Gun Broker- Shot Glass

Smith and Wesson

Performance Center ARs from Range Day

New M&Ps


MUT Tool, Bronze Scraper and Cleaning Rod Threading

The Waze as itself would be the 3rd largest multi tool brand

Lucid Optics

    Shot Show Bingo

    L7 1-6x, blue illumination, clear optics @ $449

    Variable red dot magnifier

    C3 Slim Weapons Light


    X7 Marauder- 9000+ lumen light

    Rechargeable Valkyrie Pistol Light, magnetic charging


    H9 Pistol

Strike Industries

    Sidewinder BUIS

    Spring loaded PDW Sight

Black Rain Ordinanc

    BRO Spec 15 Carbine $899, standard trigger, M-Lok, 223/ 300BO

    BRO Spec 15 SOCOM Plus $1299, upgraded trigger, longer rail and Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier

    Recon Series is competition series in a variety of calibers